Individualized Pain Management Services in Nevada

Regardless of if you are experiencing acute pain because of a surgery or injury or you are living with a condition that causes chronic pain, it’s essential to get proper medical care as soon as possible. Luckily, there are readily available and effective treatments to ease your pain. At McNulty Spine, Dr. Patrick S. McNulty, an experienced and board-certified orthopedic surgeon, and spine specialist provides individualized pain management services to reduce different types of pain. Contact or book an appointment online today for more consultation on how Dr. McNulty can relieve your pain.

What Exactly Is Pain Management?

Pain management refers to decreasing or getting rid of chronic and acute pain. The pain management specialist treats a variety of painful spine injuries and conditions. They have a full range of knowledge on the high chances for degenerative diseases and injuries that cause neck or back pain as well as radiating pain in your legs and arms. Most of the pain goes away in a few days or weeks of self-treatment, such as exercises and painkillers. But if the pain is severe or stubborn, it’s recommendable to seek professional medical care.

What Conditions Are Addressed Through Pain Management?

Any pain management type can benefit from pain management. For instance, if you have a headache while at home, you can decide to take water or an over-the-counter pain killer to manage your pain. However, you should consult a medical physician for painful conditions that you can’t treat from home. Some of the painful conditions addressed by Dr. McNulty include;

·         Spinal stenosis

·         Pain in the leg due to neuropathy and sciatica

·         Osteoarthritis

·         Myelopathy

·         Degenerative disc disease

·         Herniated discs

·         Pain in the arms due to radiculopathy and carpal tunnel syndrome

·         Tumors

·         Accidental injuries

·         Spondylolisthesis

·         Sacroiliac pain

·         Scoliosis

·         Infections

·         Kyphosis

If you struggle with neck pain, back pain or weakness, numbness, or pain that shoots down your legs or arms, you should schedule an appointment for individualized diagnosis and pain management.

What Are The Available Pain Management Treatments?

When you visit a pain management specialist, the doctor will start by reviewing your medical history and symptoms to determine the underlying conditions. Depending on your underlying cause of pain, there are different highly personalized pain management plans and treatments to address your pain from several angles appropriately. Dr. McNulty uses various therapies in your pain management program, including; Epidural injection, Celiac plexus block, hip joint injections, transforaminal epidural steroid injection, facet radiofrequency ablation, and X-ray targeted epidural injections, spinal cord stimulators, sacroiliac joint steroid injections, and others.

You might also receive physical therapy to help ease your pain. Dr. McNulty offers a state that considers all the best pain management options and chooses the best choice for your situation. And even in case the conservative pain management fails to ease the pain, the doctor offers innovative surgical procedures to relieve your pain and restore your life quality.

Painful conditions can adversely affect your quality of life. If you are searching for effective and individualized pain management services, contact McNulty Spine or schedule an online appointment.