Is artificial turf or synthetic grass better for your lawn? 

If you are a working parent, it can be difficult to take some time out for proper garden maintenance. But, who wouldn’t want to experience that lush green feel in their garden without maintenance, mowing, or regular watering? It can be possible with synthetic grass installation in Sydney. There are numerous benefits of artificial turf installation on your lawn. It is a smart choice for a maintained level of grass in every season. You don’t have to worry about soil quality and fertilizers. Many people opt for fake grass for patios, because it can provide the look and feel of grass underfoot without the work and maintenance that an authentic lawn requires.

  • Aesthetic appeal – Artificial grass provides an instantly transformed look to your garden. It provides a neat, clean, and aesthetically pleasing lush green look. The synthetic grass is not directly affected by sun, rainfall, or any other climatic change. Grass remains the same all year round till its durable time. The natural appearance of grass is so convincing and available with high quality to provide a real grass experience. For any lawn mowing needs, be sure to check out Jim’s Mowing.
  • Less maintenance – Much maintenance is not required for synthetic grass and your garden grass maintenance time will be saved. Your physical energy can be utilised in some useful or productive tasks. Moreover, artificial grass is cost-efficient and budget friendly. Less maintenance time and more enjoyable time with family, kids, and pets. 
  • No requirement of mowing – Real grass needs timely maintenance and requires mowing when grown to potential heights. Landmower is used to cut real grass and maintain a lawn. But there are no such responsibilities or lawn mowing required in artificial grass. It will always remain the same size as it was bought. Synthetic turn contributes to reducing air pollution caused by lawnmowers. 
  • Support for older owners – Old homeowners owners or senior members who stay alone get quite relaxed with artificial turf in their lawns. They needn’t have to do any physical tasks for garden maintenance. It is quite satisfying for the disabled users in the house. 
  • Outgoing personalities away from family members – Students of job doers stay away from home and live in a rented house. It is best for them as they stay most of the time outside the house. Artificial grass installation in Sydney can be the best option for those who are not willing to maintain and have enough time to look towards the garden. 
  • Cut down cost on equipment – Synthetic turf doesn’t require any watering for healthy grass growth. It can save your money spent on hose pipes, sprinklers, and water. Ultimately, water bills get reduced. 
  • Pet friendly – Artificial grass is pet friendly as dogs or cats love to play on it more than natural grass. The small insects or termites will not bite your pet and make them uneasy. Dogs will be unable to dig or spoil the turf like real grass and soil. Moreover, it is easy to clean animal waste with light detergent or any other wash product in the market.
  • Cost-effective and durable – The synthetic turf is cheaper once installed as it will remain as it is for at least 10 years. It will save your 10-year expenses spent on pesticides, fertilisers, strimmers, hoses, weed killers, lawn mowers, and other garden grass maintenance needs. 


Artificial grass is not affected by UV rays in summer or any other weather or season. It is perfect for owners who prefer the best landscaping in their garden for an enhanced exterior appearance. You can also take suggestions from the best artificial lawn installation companies near me for high-quality turf at affordable or discounted prices.