Is Boarding School in Dehradun suitable for Girls?

Hostel life is always fun. You leave your school and college and get busy in your jobs and families but hostel life stays lingering with you all your life. Boarding school may not sound fun for many as it means kids at very young age start staying separated from their families but the positive outcomes of boarding schools are the reason these schools are flourishing everywhere all around the world.

Hostels make a huge difference in the life of students and especially for girls, boarding schools are life changing experience. Dehradun which is now emerging as an academic hub of Uttarakhand, has a huge number of girls’ as well as boys’ boarding schools. If you are still in dilemma whether or not you should send your daughter to boarding school, here are some reasons that will let you know how suitable the Dehradun Boarding schools are for girls.

Safety for girl students : Boarding schools are like home away from home only much safer. Today when we keep on listening horrific things happening to girl students, boarding school sound much safer as hostels are mostly within the school premises and girls are always accompanied by a group of girls and teachers. In best boarding school in Dehradun for girls like Welham girls’, Doon International, etc the wardens or house mothers are always there to take care of the children. Boarding schools are especially the best option for working parents with traveling jobs who are not always available for their kids.

Makes girls self dependent in a very comfortable way : While at home where parents are always at disposal, kids stay dependent on their parents for everything and hardly find the importance of being self dependent while in hostels being self depended is a necessity. Girls see it and learn it from their hostel mates and gradually become self dependent.

Girls learn so many things that parents fail to teach : In a hostel, girls from all around the country come and stay for a long period of time. They come from different families and from different cultures and know different things. They keep on learning new things from each other which is impossible when students are staying with just one family. Girl students who stay in hostels turn out smarter and more rational in comparison to non residential girl students.

More supporting seniors : Anyone who has stayed in a hostel knows that students of a class always get divided into residential and non residential teams. Seniors who are staying in same hostel become more supportive toward their juniors and always stay available to help the juniors in any situation. Getting support from seniors helps a great deal in academic years.

You get friends of life time : Along with so many things boarding school gives your daughters friends of lifetime. Sharing the room, sharing things, gossiping, learning make-up skills and so many more things come with the great hostel life.

If you are looking for a boarding school in Dehradun you have got a huge range of options. The Doon Girls School, Welham Girls’, Doon International, Hope Town Girls, etc are some of the best boarding school in Dehradun for girls.