Is it possible to leave things in the chest of drawers when moving?

You can save money by leaving some things in the drawers. You can save time… But this approach is fraught with pitfalls, which we want to warn you about. Let’s think sensibly. When you move nearby, the case may work out-or not, depending on the situation. As specialists in easy and reliable apartment moves strongly recommend: pull everything out and pack in boxes. Before hiring the movers check moving company reviews and be prepared to save your money and download and print a moving checklist. However, especially for you in this short article, we will look at how you can save on this.

When you must definitely release the boxes

If you have a chest of drawers made of solid wood with more than two drawers, then, most likely, the thing will already be quite heavy even after taking everything out of the drawers.

Although movers are usually physically strong, there are additional risks when lifting, carrying and moving to the truck if the piece of furniture is too heavy.

Moving plan

With a combination of retractable parts and a large weight, it becomes difficult to manage it. The loader will hold a chest of drawers (or other furniture) with a slight tilt back. This ensures that the drawers will not slip out during the carrying process. However, the heavier the piece of furniture, the more difficult it is to hold it with a tilt. This can lead to rocking, shaking and lack of stability of the transported object, which means that there is an increased risk of damage to your home, furniture or the loader itself.

If fragile or especially valuable items are stored in the boxes, it is better to remove them, put them in boxes for moving and properly pack them in paper for protection. For some great tips on how to pack fragile items, check out our packing guide.

When things are well packed in a box, they will not move, rattle or bump against each other during the transportation of the box. If they are left in the boxes, they will move freely, which can lead to damage. Paper also has weight, especially when there is a lot of it. Never leave documents in the drawers, there are special cardboard boxes for this. If the move involves moving furniture up the stairs, then the drawers all the more need to be released.

When can I leave the boxes filled

If the chest of drawers is light, for example, made of pine wood, then you can not take things out of it. Movers seattle will check its weight on the day of moving. Most often, there are no problems with this.

But if the chest of drawers is filled with heavy or fragile objects, you should still think about pulling them out. In general, the main thing that can be left in the chest of drawers is clothes or something light and not breaking.

If we are talking about cabinets for documents, then, as a rule, you can not release them. This is due to the fact that such cabinets are usually placed on a cargo trolley (moving trolley), and the high non-massive design makes it easy to transport them.

The loader usually uses a rubberized cart to transport furniture, with the boxes facing the cart. Due to this position, the cabinet does not have to be locked, since the drawers are kept closed and pressed. This also makes it easier to install the cabinet in the correct position on the first attempt.

What happens if the drawers make the chest of drawers too heavy?

Don’t be upset! This is not a problem at all, but a common thing for our loader. There are several options:

  • take out the drawers separately and put them back in the chest of drawers in the truck, and then repeat this process to the new address.
  • help you pack the contents in any boxes that you have at hand.
  • roll up your clothes, etc. and put them in the back seat of your car.
  • It may be necessary to empty only a couple of drawers to get enough weight to carry (we release the upper drawers first, because the center of balance of the object depends on this).