Is it possible to outwit the croupier in a casino? Three Popular Strategies That Never Work

Playing the casino is the main goal of betting on slots for most of today’s casino visitors. It is worth noting that players are often not ready to rely solely on luck. For this reason, they turn to a variety of gambling strategies, many of which have emerged since the inception of gambling in the format in which it is known today. Millions of people are interested in finding an effective strategy that can quickly increase their income. But do the different slot betting tactics actually work?

Features of online casino betting strategies

To understand how effective the chosen strategy will be, it is enough for the player to know some features of modern slot machines. At the heart of any slot is a random number generator that determines the outcome of each spin. Its work takes place in a format that makes it impossible to influence the process of spinning the drums. Each sequence is built without taking into account the previous one. Therefore, the theory of probability works only with certain corrections, since each subsequent spin will be unique. This technique is also used to play golden888 game.

Practice shows that strategies do not work. They cannot work in principle, because the player simply does not have the opportunity to influence the result of the rotation of the slot machine. Observing the frequency of occurrence of certain symbols on the screen does not make sense, since the rotations are not interconnected. 

Gullible players can find many publications on the Internet in which authors try to justify their own strategies and talk about how effective they are. The popularity of some of these strategies has led to the fact that they are tested by most users who are just getting acquainted with the possibilities of casino betting.

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Pattern searches in slot machines

Most strategies involve the selection of a certain pattern, according to which bets will be made. They are based on the ability to predict the results of spinning the reels, believing that after a certain number of spins the symbols on the payline will repeat. This does not correspond to the real state of affairs. 

Each subsequent spin results in a new, unique sequence of numbers that are displayed as slot machine symbols. Of course, at some point the numbers will repeat themselves, but this may take several thousand spins, so it is a waste of time to talk about a realistic pattern for a bettor, and even more so to predict it.

Money management system

What schemes do the authors of the relevant publications suggest to betters? One of them is deposit control. This strategy should lead to the following results:

  • play on another day;
  • maintaining a sufficient amount of bets;
  • increase in profit by waiving bets on cold machines.

The concept is to set a certain goal and end bets if the set budget for the gaming session has exhausted itself. Achieving the goal does not affect whether further bets will be suspended if success does not accompany the player.

Such a strategy is also based on the point of view that the machine eventually accumulates the potential for a big win. Many casinos offer to familiarize themselves with the statistics of the wins of their players on various slots. As a result, the latter can see that some simulators bring winnings much more often than others. The strategy is to abandon betting on a slot that has only recently provided a serious payout as it goes cold. It is necessary to wait until enough bets are placed on the machine, and it accumulates potential for the attentive player.

Needless to say, this strategy is a complete failure. As already mentioned, DSL does not take into account previous spins. For this reason, theoretically, the slot can bring both several wins in a row and several losses.

Play and run strategy

Players suggest using this tactic on various forums. Its essence is reduced to the fact that you need to spend no more than 10 minutes on each slot. If during this time the machine did not bring solid dividends, then it will not be able to do so for a longer period, so the player should change the slot. There is no need to repeat the absurdity of such theories.

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