Is your child getting bullied in School? Here are 5 ways to stop it

Bullying in schools and universities has been a common phenomenon over the years. Many of us have heard several instances where the impact of this activity has led to death or long-term trauma. Although governments and school authorities of every country rose against this phenomena long ago, there seems to be no end to it. This commanding and evil behaviour stimulates within one from childhood. And the only way to avoid the adverse effects of school bullying is to counsel both the parties involved in it. Yes, not only the children who are going through this traumatic incident need help but also the ones who are providing such treatment. 

If your child is a victim of school bullying and the incidents are getting worse, it is time for you to intervene. You, as a parent, have to take the responsibility to put an end to it and protect your child’s interests, especially if he is young enough to fight back! And if your ward is in secondary school, you can teach him ways to protect himself, given bullies tend to make things worse when parents of grown-ups voice their issues. Click here to learn more about school bullying and also the ways to remedy it. 

The tendency to exert physical or mental dominance and power is what leads to school bullying. 

Ways To Stop School Bullying: Parents’ Guide 

Your child should not feel afraid of sharing these problems with you. And when they show the courage to speak, there are ways in which you can guide them. Remember, telling them to avoid it or not take it seriously is not the solution. Going to his school and scolding those bullies is not an option as well. You have to approach this problem with these instructions in mind. 

Educate Your Ward About Bullying & Suggest Remedies 

Most children do not even understand the concept of bullying. They cannot anticipate it without knowing what leads to such events. 

  • Teach some common responses. Reacting with anger or disgust aggravates bullying. You should teach some wise responses to your child. 
  • Try enacting “what if” scenarios. If your child is young and introverted, you must enact a few common bullying ways to prepare him for the worse. 
  • Show The Right Body Language. Ask him to stay calm and smile back at them without showing any anger or fear. 

Teach The “Identifying Signs” of Such Incidents 

You should always teach your children about the identifying signs of bullying. If they can judge the behaviour of bullies, they will be able to defend themselves. Ask them to walk away from them before they can create a scene. Talking to a teacher or any school staff when they approach them is also effective. Trying these small yet effective ways can keep them at bay! 

Build Your Child’s Mentality & Self-Confidence 

School bullying will affect your child’s mentality and confidence. And while they can fight the incidents in school, you should be there to listen to them when they are home. Taking notice one day, telling them what to do and then not bothering about it all is not a solution. Build his mentality and communicate daily! He needs someone to share his emotions and express how he felt about everything. Pat his back and boost his confidence when he does the right thing. 

Teach How To Respond To Bullies 

  • Do not let the bullies make your child feel bad or frightened. Ask him to behave normal and calm in such situations. 
  • Do not reward bullies with loud cries and running away incidents. These reactions are what they want. Look them in the eye and tell them to stop it without raising their voice. 
  • Disarming the bullies in such events helps a lot. Just laugh at them and walk away. 

Contact The School & Offender’s Parents 

School bullying will stop for other children too when your child becomes an example for everyone else. Bring the incidents to the school authority’s notice and also inform the bullies’ parents. Take these actions immediately if the bullying attacks become physical. Keep a check on how the school reacts to it. 

Help Your Child Overcome The Trauma: Provide Counselling 

Recovering your child from the daunting incidents of school bullying is as essential as teaching them how to fight it. Even if the conflicts come to an end with your help, they would affect your child’s self-esteem and peace of mind. Professionals are available in Singapore to help such children with utmost care and attention. They will not only heal their mindset but also stop recurring nightmares that follow. You should find the best counselling service to help your ward live a healthy life. 

Parents play a crucial role in the way victim children react to bullying incidents. You have to stand by them, so they do not fall out! Professionals and counsellors are available at your disposal to help you with the process.