Celebrity Child Jack Matfin Bell, Son of Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood

The son of Jamie Bell and Evan, Jack Matfin Bell is a famous American youngster. Both of Jack Matfin Bell’s parents work in the entertainment business. Jack Matfin Bell’s dad, Jamie, is well-known for playing a young adult in Billy Elliot, a comedy-drama. Evan, Jack’s mother, is renowned for playing Chloe in the ‘Profiler’ series, on the other hand.

Jack Matfin Bell Early Life

Jack was born at his mother’s residence on 29 July 2013. Jack Matfin Bell was the sole child of the pair, Jamie and Evan because, a year following his birth, his parents’ situation was at an all-time low. Seeing Jack Bell’s parents fight and divorce can be one of the most traumatic experiences for Jack Matfin Bell. Thankfully, Jack continued to be a baby and wouldn’t have understood. Jack Matfin Bell had been too young to really understand the argument.

Jamie and Evan got into a heated disagreement over who would get custody of their child, Jack. Marilyn Manson purportedly warned Jack because he could sodomise the boy, according to Evan Rachel Wood. Evan allegedly moved from California to Tennessee in order to protect her son from her ex-boyfriend, according to Evan Wood. However, Evan Wood barred his child from communication once she moved from California to Nashville, as his dad Jamie Bell even acknowledged in public. When Jack came into the world, Jack’s mother acknowledged that she had become more self-aware and had learned how to communicate more sophisticated emotions.

Jack Matfin Bell Parent’s Relationship

Jack Bell’s parents, Jamie Bell & Evan Rachel Wood, got to know one another in 2005 while appearing together in the Green Day song “Wake Me Up When September Ends” music video. Following some time spent getting to know one another, Jamie and Evan soon began dating. However, Jamie and Evan were already divorced by the end of 2006, indicating that their romance did not survive long.

The loving couple, Jamie and Evan, were able to work out their problems in 2011 and re-engaged in a relationship. Jamie and Evan additionally made vows in a discreet wedding ceremony that only a select few individuals attended. On October 30, 2012, the wedding of Jamie and Evan was set to take place. After two years of marriage, the couple Jamie and Evan welcomed a gorgeous child into their partnership. On 28 May 2014, the pair, Jamie and Evan announced that they were divorcing, shocking their fans and following.

Jack Matfin Bell Father Jamie Matfin Bell

Jamie afterwards pursued a career in acting and dancing. Jamie put a lot of effort into becoming a well-known actor in the US. In 2000, Billy Eliot brought Jamie fame as an actor, and that year Jamie attended the BAFTAs for best and starring performance. In recognition of his outstanding work in Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool, Bell was nominated for an additional BAFTA Award in 2017. In 2011’s ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ and 2015’s Fantastic Four, Jamie Bell also appeared as Ben Grimm and Tintin. Jamie Bell, who won a British Academy Award, is another name for him.

Jamie Bell also presided over the honorary jury at the 2001 ‘Giffoni Film Festival’. Jamie made his acting debut in 2002 as a teenage soldier in Deathwatch and as the handicapped butler Smike in an adaptation of Nicholas Nickleby. Jamie pursued significant and significant roles in plays and films throughout his career. Jamie worked extremely hard on it, and as a result, he is now considered as the most well-known actor in the country.

Jack Matfin Bell Social Media

Jack Matfin Bell is just nine years old. Jack Matfin Bell therefore lacks a personal Instagram account. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to peek at Jack Matfin Bell’s parents’ Instagrams. Jamie Bell is quite professional with his Instagram. Jamie’s Instagram is primarily filled with images of him modeling, promoting brands, and other projects that he is working on. Currently, 20,500 people follow Jamie on Instagram. Millions of people follow Evan Rachel Wood on Instagram. Like her ex-husband, Evan maintains a professional online persona. Evan Wood puts out a lot of images and videos from her films and TV shows. On their Instagram, however, we anticipate seeing more of Jack soon.

Jack Matfin Bell Mother Evan Rachel Wood

The biological mom of Jack Matfin Bell, Evan Rachel Wood, was born in North Carolina, on September 7, 1987. Wood is an American actress, musician, and model. Evan had appearances in several television films and shows at the age of 7, including American Gothic. Despite having made her on-screen debut in 1994, Evan wasn’t given her significant role until 1997’s “Digging To China” Evan also won the Children’s Jury Prize at the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival.

Evan Wood, the winner of the Critics’ Choice Television Award, has also received three nominations for the Emmy Award & the Golden Globe. Evan had a relationship with Marilyn Manson for a while until their romance ended in 2010. Evan then began seeing Jamie two years after she broke up with Marilyn Manson. On May 28, 2014, Evan & Jamie decided to divorce due to issues in their relationship.

The American actors Jamie and Evan, acknowledged that despite the termination of their personal engagements, they continued to be close friends even after their divorce. Unfortunately, Jack’s mom has not had much success in dating. After her divorce, Evan began dating Katherine Moennig of L Word, but they broke up after only a few months. Zach Villa, with whom Evan later fell in love, and she dated him until September 2017 before calling off their over eight-month engagement. Evan Wood hasn’t provided any additional details about her relationship status since then.

Before their 2012 breakup, the mother of Jack confessed that her sexual orientation is bisexual and that her ex-husband is completely aware of this. Although Evan Wood claimed to have felt drawn to all men and women ever since she was 12 years old, Evan was unable to pinpoint exactly how she felt the way she did. Evan acknowledges, however, that she encounters discrimination from both.

Jack Matfin Bell Net Worth

Jack’s parents are well-known celebrities, thus Jack was born into a wealthy family. Jamie and Evan both make a sizable living off of their jobs. James’ father, who performs in dance and acting, is his primary source of income. James Bell has a net worth of 11 million dollars. Wood, Jack’s mother, is a well-known actress and model. Evan Rachel Wood has also acquired a great deal of fame and wealth. Evan’s primary sources of income are modeling and acting. Evan earns more than 250k dollars per episode. Evan Rachel Wood has a net worth of about 8 million dollars.


  • Jack Matfin Bell’s biological parents are still close friends and have respect and affection for one another despite their divorce.
  • John Bell and Eileen Mattin are Jack Matfin Bell’s grandparents, while Kathryn Bell is his aunt.
  • Both of Jack Matfin Bell’s parents are accomplished actors who have won awards for their work. Woods also works as a musician and a model.
  • ‘Critics’ Choice Tv Award’ winner and three-time contender for the ‘Emmy Award’ as well as the ‘Golden Globe Award’ is Jack’s mother.
  • Jack Matfin Bell’s father first gained notoriety during the British drama movie Billy Elliot. Jamie is best recognised for his roles in King Kong (2005) & Fantastic Four (2015). Since then, Jamie has received numerous nominations and wins, including BAFTA Awards. About 19 prizes have been given to Jamie Bell.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jack Matfin Bell

When Was Jack Matfin Bell Born?

2013 saw the birth of Jack Matfin Bell in California. Jack Matfin Bell is nine years old right now.

Who Is the Baby Daddy of Jack Matfin Bell?

The great and well-known American actor and dancer Jamie Bell, is the father of Jack Matfin Bell, a child of Evan Rachel Wood.

Has Evan Woods Ever Had A Child?

Jack Matfin Bell is the name of Evan Woods’ son with his former fiance Jamie Bell. In 2014, Jamie and Evan both got divorced.

Are Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood still close friends?

Jamie Bell, a well-known actor, admitted to the ‘Daily Mail’ that the pair, Jamie and Evan will remain close friends and amicable even after the divorce. Jamie and Evan’s joint primary obligation will continue to be to their Child Jack Matfin Bell.

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