Jewel Changi Food Spots Worth Checking Out

Jewel Changi is the newest section of the world-renowned Singapore Changi International Airport. This airport is generally considered as the best in the world. The addition of Jewel Changi further cements this reputation. Since it was opened in 2019, this new section has been attracting more than 300,000 visitors daily. Even those who don’t have flights visit this part of Changi Airport. There are so many things to see and do there. If you get hungry while exploring the place, be comforted with the fact that it features plenty of dining options. Below are some of the best Jewel Changi food spots that you need to check out and click this link to know more–part-1-.html.

Five Spice

To call Five Spice a food court would be inaccurate. When we hear the word food court, what usually comes to mind are generic food stalls serving mediocre food. But there’s nothing mediocre about Five Spice. This is probably the most high end food court in the whole world. One of the things that you’ll like about this place is the ambience. It’s very classy and modern. Spending time in this place is an absolute delight. And this is why it’s on top of the list of the best Jewel Changi food spots that you should visit. The food selection here is excellent as well. It offers mostly local Singaporean food but presented in ways you’ve never seen before. If you want to sample different types of food, then Five Spice is the place for you to go.

Shake Shack

If it’s fast food you’re looking for then you should go to Shake Shack. This is probably one of the most popular burger joints in Singapore. When the first Shake Shack opened on the island, people actually waited in line for hours just to be able to taste Shake Shack’s world-famous burger. Some people think the place is over-hyped. While many would say that this place is the real deal. Whatever your opinion is about Shake Shack, you should be happy that they opened a branch at Jewel Changi. Because when you get hungry, a burger and fries combo is always a viable option. And there’s no doubt that when it comes to burgers, Shake Shack knows what it’s doing. Don’t forget to get fries with your burger.

Pink Fish

If you’re craving for fresh fish, particularly salmon, then Pink Fish is the perfect Jewel Changi food spot for you. One of the best things about this restaurant is that it serves only sustainably-sourced fish. This means that you can eat here in peace knowing that you’re not contributing to the problems of the world. This place specialises in Norwegian salmon. And they prepare it in many different ways. You can get the fish grilled, in a burger, in a soup, or even raw if you want. This place is indeed heaven for salmon lovers. One of the items that you should try in their menu is Salmon with Yellow Curry Soup. You should also try the American Poke Salad, which is absolutely bursting with a variety of flavours.