Just Wish: An NGO For Equality

Just Wish is a non-governmental organization (NGO) from India. It was founded by Sushil Singh, who is a well-known face running three well-established organisations and an NGO. According to the official website of Just Wish – www.justwish.co.in – “The principal purpose of Just Wish is to secure every element, on Planet Earth, sense a real spirit of equality.” It shows that do work for the welfare of humans as well as other valuable parts of the Earth. 

There are many rich people who just work for their own luxurious life. Some of them do not want to share even a penny to make this world a happier place. Indeed there are just a few people living a great life – but many who do not get even bread to eat at the end of the day. Taking notes from Sushil Singh’s article on Forbes Magazine, it gets cleared as he did come from the very bottom. In the very interview, he stated how he managed to come from the Chawls of Mumbai to be a millionaire. Those who do come from the very bottom do always look for others. Possibly, it is the raison d’etre behind the success of Just Wish. 

They do work very hard to help young children get basic education, planting numerous trees every year, taking care of them and working on several other projects for the welfare of everyone. Let us take a look at some of the ongoing projects of Just Wish. 


Every year, Just Wish helps thousands of children to get basic needs for helping in their educational journey. In the summer of 2018, they saw teachers and students facing problems of not having a building to study in a village of Uttarakhand, India. Just Wish got to know about the very issue and hence, they decided to construct a place where students can learn things from their teachers. Now with the help of fine construction, there is a hope that the very place can make several quality professionals for India. This is just one example as they are working on several other projects in young students’ welfare.  


Just Wish works in various environmental projects to help natural resources to live a better life. Every year, they grow a number of trees. They just plant but also take care of them. It shows the real impact an NGO can make. In Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, they have created a pond. As a result, farmers are getting needed water to work on their farms and at the same time, fish do have a direct path to jump into the sea. Earlier, it did create many senitatziation problems for the locals in the city. There are several other environmental projects where Just Wish does work 24/7. 

Moral Duties 

Outside India, Bajrangbali has been viewed as a Hindu God. However, in India, Bajrangbali is a symbol of protection and hope. As the COVID-19 pandemic hit India massively, there was a need for hope. Hence, Just Wish decided to make a 251-feet long statue of Lord Hanuman for showing a light at the end of the tunnel for those who are facing major life battles.

At the time of the initial COVID-19 wave, the shortage of masks became the biggest problem in India, mostly in UP. Hence, Just Wish, with the help of Deebaco (an online clothing brand), made masks for the Police so they can help the nation tackle this major battle. Even they provided products of sanitization and food for those who had no work due to the global pandemic. 

During many natural hazardous moments, volunteers of Just Wish do work 24/7 for helping the unprivileged section of society.      


There are various other projects where Just Wish does work on to provide their help. They do welcome the helping hand from every corner. It can be a donation or any other type of assistance. The main objective is to help what they are doing. 

One can follow the official website of Just Wish – https://justwish.co.in/ – for knowing about their latest projects. They are also available on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn