Khushi Punjaban Wiki: Physical Stats, Professional Work, Tik Tok, Social Media, Hobbies, Vivek Chaudhary Wife

Khushi Punjaban, who hails from New Delhi India, is a super famous social media personality and fashion influencer. She was born on 1 January 1995 in New Delhi. It makes her birth sign (zodiac sign) is Capricorn, which shows the smart and healthy behaviour of humans.

Khushi, who represents Indo-Aryan ethnicity, follows Hinduism like a true devotee. Khushi’s soul mate Vivek Chaudhary works as a professional model (from India). 

Physical Stats of Khushi Punjaban

Khushi Punjaban has a fine height of five feet and one inch. Her body weight nearly remains at the mark of 55 to 58 kg. Khushi Punjaban age is 27 years. Khushi’s body figure measures around 34-26-34 inches.

Her feet size is 6 (US). She wears the dress a 4-size dress (US). Khushi is not too obsessed with tattoos but does to make them. Her left-arm tattoo is very much famous in India. Khushi is all about screen appearance. Thus, she keeps her body fit and healthy.      

Childhood, Education, Kids, Family, Margie of Khushi Punjaban

khushi punjaban family
Khushi Punjaban Family

Khushi Punjaban comes from a very humble background. Her parents are working-class people. She was born and brought up in New Delhi, India. Khushi’s father and mother always gave her what she desired during her much-younger days. Khushi was not a very good student academically. She always found her love for glamorous activities. Khushi did all of her schooling from New Delhi.

New Delhi is also famous for pollution in the whole world. Khushi Punjaban married her long-term boyfriend Vivek Chaudhary in 2017. After three years, they welcomed a handsome baby boy in August 2020. His name is Raja. In English, raja means king. Khushi loves Vivek quite a lot. They have a joint YouTube account named Mr & Mrs Choudhary, where they have millions of subscribers. Many people in India love Khushi and Vivek’s amazing combination.         

Professional Work of Khushi Punjaban

Khushi Punjaban became a well-known personality from her Tik Tok profile. She started it just for fun but then became too obsessed. In just a few months, she gained millions of followers on Tik Tok. After starting to earn money from Tik Tok, Khushi began to work even harder.

Despite Indian banned Tik Tok in the summer of 2020, Khushi still has a fantastic impact on the platform. Khushi Punjaban’s fashion sense also creates a fantastic buzz in India. Many young girls in India love to copy Khushi Punjaban’s dresses and all. Khushi’s hot look in Saree gives her a unique aroma.

Khushi is a very beautiful lady and does a lot of hard work to stay fit for marinating her charm. Many people in India don’t like Khushi Punjaban and her work. They call that it is an easy way to earn money, which is bad for society. Khushi Punjaban has a huge fan base. She can also be an inspiration if one takes her work with a positive picture. Khushi did use TikTok very well before it got banned in India in 2020 as it was the decision of the government.       

Khushi Punjaban’s Hobbies and Favorite Things!

She is a devotee of Bollywood. Ranbir Kapoor is her favourite actor. Deepika Padukone is her beloved actress. She likes to eat Indian, Chinese and Italian cuisines.

Pizza is her favourite meal. Khushi’s beloved holiday destination is Paris, which is the city of love. Dancing, singing and travelling are Khushi Punjaban’s hobbies.  

Khushi Punjaban on Social Media!

She has millions of followers on social media. Much Indian love and follow her on every major social media platform. Khushi likes to entertain her fans on social media regularly. 

Net Worth

Khushi Punjaban’s net worth is Rs 70 Lakhs at present. Her major earning scours is social media. Khushi has every window to make her wealth even better in the coming years. 

Khushi Punjaban spouse

Vivek Choudhary is Khushi Punjaban’s husband. He is also a social media personality. In 2018, Vivek won Mr Uttarakhand contest. Vivek is too famous in India. Many Indian girls love him a lot.   

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