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Kim Marie Kessler hails from New York City, USA. Kim is a socialite; it is a professional who is too famous and well known in the fashion industry. However, she has gained the most fame from being the wife of World Wrestling Entertainment superstar Randy Orton. She was born on 1 April 1985. Her age is 37 years.

Kim Marie Kessler: Net Worth

Kim Marie Kessler’s worth, as of 2019, is over $1 million. Randy Orton’s impact is the biggest reason behind this wealth. Orton’s wealth is more than $15.5 million. Having a still long-lasting future of Randy in the WWE, it’s very much clear that the pair will earn more and more money in the coming years. Leaving a rich and beautiful life with this big chunk of money is not a huge problem for Kim Marie Kessler and her beloved husband Randy Orton. 

Kim Marie Kessler: A Huge Fan of the WWE 

Kim Marie Kessler is a very big fan of WWE. She has been following this global entertainment business since the WWF days. Even before having a relationship with Randy Orton, she was a regular WWE events visitor. In an interview with WWE presenter Renee Young, she made it clear that even before meeting Randy, she had too many pictures of him in her house.

These pictures were also witnessed by Randy Orton after they met and started an implacable relationship. Her knowledge about the sport (WWE) is something out of this world. Not many, in this world, know about the roots of the game better than her. Kim Marie Kessler feels so blessed to be a part of the WWE family. You can see her presence in many WWE shows. 

Kim Marie Kessler: Social Media 

Kim Marie Kessler is a modern-day social media fan. Her presence in major social media outlets is just too good. She shares the golden moment of her family with the fans on a regular basis. Kim Marie Kessler is also using prominent social media networks to make her own market. She is a very wealthy woman. A lot of credit behind that goes to her husband. However, not everyone can use golden resources as well as Kim Marie Kessler does. Her followers on social media platforms are growing rapidly. Indeed, she must be very happy with her success till the date.

Randy Orton’s Marriage Life

On 21 September 2007, Randy Orton married Samantha Speno. She is a gymnast instructor. Next year, the couple was blessed with a daughter named Alanna Marie Orton. She was born on 12 July 2008. Four years after marrying, they decided to have a separation. In 2012, Randy Orton and Samantha Speno divorced. It was a very hard time for both as in 2007, they had planned many dreams to enjoy a beautiful life together and try to make a happy family.

On 14 November 2015¸ Orton had his second marriage. He decided to start a new chapter of his life with Kimberly Kessler. The pair met each other at a WWE event in the city of New York. Well, it can be a surprise for many, as Randy Orton approached her first.


Not often we see the superstars taking the first initiative with the general audience. Randy Orton told in an interview that he felt utterly nervous to approach Kimberly Kessler. They started dating in 2012. In Bora Bora, Orton had a romantic candlelight dinner with Kim Marie Kessler in 2015. While enjoying a vacation in Bora Bora, the WWE superstar proposed Kim Marie Kessler for starting a new chapter in his life. At first, she was thinking that it was just a prank. However, after deeply seeing Orton’s emotions, she became very emotional.

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In her mind, she was leaving with Orton even before they met in reality. It was just like a dream come true for Kimberly Kessler. Brooklyn Rose Orton, who was born in November 2016, was the first child of a lovely pair. It was Kessler’s, fourth baby. She also had three beautiful boys. Randy Orton also loves them very much. Even they (boys) saw their mother marrying in 2015. On social media, you see Kim Marie Kessler’s great relationship with her four beloved children. 

Randy Orton’s Movie Career!

Randy Orton has also worked in the following movies!

That’s What I Am (2011), 12 Rounds 2: Reloaded (2013), The Condemned 2 (2015), Countdown (2016), Long Shot (2019), and Changeland (2019). 

He has also made some acting appearances following on Television (TV) creative.

Deal or No Deal (2007), Shooter (2016), and The Thundermans (2018).

Kim Marie Kessler: Controversies

Kim Marie Kessler has seen a lot of hate from Randy Orton’s fans after her marriage. Many think that she is a ‘gold digger’. On social media, calling her a ‘gold digger’ was not a big thing. According to many reports, Kim Marie Kessler and her then-befriend Orton joined together and mentally harassed a fan named Kayla Gomez. They called her ‘Ms. Piggy’. Kim Marie Kessler is an active social media lover, so these things are very normal to her. Still, mentally destroying someone is not a great idea. 

 Randy Orton: A WWE Icon 

Randy Orton is a true WWE icon. He is a modern-day wrestling legend. Orton, John Cena, Dave Bautista, Edge, and many others did a fantastic job to keep the status of the WWE stand at the same or a better level. Randy Orton is a legend killer and has destroyed many top-class WEE athletes. His ability to change his persona according to the situation makes him the real jewel of WWE.

John Cena is not that active in WWE now due to his other ventures. But that’s not the case with Randy Orton, who has done a lot with a good level of consistency to make his profile stable and the same time bigger and better. He is a future WWE Hall of Fame member. Triple H, Ric Flair, and Dave Bautista played a big role to make Randy Orton too established in the WWE market. WWE fans love him a lot and want to see him doing the same at many WWE events in the future.     

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