King vs. Queen Size Bed – Who Should Choose What?

So you are looking for a new bed in the market for the first time and you come across two options – King Size and Queen Size. It’s not all about size. You need to do a lot more when it comes to buying a bed and mattress in the UAE

Here’s what you should know about these bed sizes and some tips and tricks to choose the better fit for your guest room or bedroom. 

Who should go for a Queen Size Bed? 

Queen size bed is usually 7” wider and 5” longer than a full-sized one and is a best choice for both singles and couples. For couples, each partner gets around 30” of personal space. It is the best fit for smaller guest rooms or master bedrooms. 

Who should go for a King Size Bed? 

It is known to be the best choice for couples as each partner gets up to 8” of extra space as compared to Queen Size beds. It is the best choice for large master bedrooms.

What else do you need to consider?

You need some planning and research to choose the right bed and memory foam mattress because you won’t want to end up with a bed that doesn’t fit in your bedroom.

  • Measure the space available in your room and make sure there is extra space for movement. If you are choosing a king size bed, ensure that it can easily fit in your bedroom and you still have space for movement. At least 30” of extra space should be spared to move around easily. 
  • Ensure that you can easily move the new bed to your bedroom. Along with your bedroom’s size, also ensure that you can get your bed through the entrance, up the stairs or anywhere else you want to pass it through to access the bedroom. Even a queen size mattress needs at least two people to maneuver. So, be sure to have others to move the mattress.  
  • Find out what else you need for the new bed and mattress – You may definitely be excited to upgrade from a full size to Queen or from a Queen to a King size bed. You may also need a new frame for a new mattress, along with sheets and mattress protectors. Consider these accessories on your budget if you don’t want to risk the warranty on the mattress without protecting the same.