Learning disabilities caused by weak cognitive skills

There are many people who are found to be affected by learning disabilities in his/her day to day life. Such disorders tend to include dyscalculia (which is impairment with the ability to solve mathematical problems), dyslexia (impairment related to comprehending and recognizing written words), dyspraxia (coordination problems with motor skills), and dysgraphia (writing inability) as well as auditory & visual processing disorders (which is difficult in understanding images or language). As a matter of fact, learning disability can termed to be simply neurological disorder.

Its use

The U.S. government is found to use this definition for legislation purposes and to qualify students for specific education funds like the following:

Here, ‘specific learning disability’ stands for disorder faced in single or multiple basic psychological processes that are involved with understanding or probably with using language, be it written or spoken. This might manifest in itself with the imperfect ability to spell, write, read, speak, think, and listen or to perform mathematical calculations.

This term also includes conditions like perceptual handicaps, minimal brain dysfunction, brain injury, developmental aphasia and dyslexia. However, the term is not found to include children facing learning problems which is the result of motor handicaps, hearing or visual belonging to mental retardation, economic, cultural and environmental disadvantage, emotional disturbance, or emotional disturbance.

Cause for learning disability

This is caused due to weak underlying cognitive skills in the person. The other factors which contribute towards learning disabilities tend to include inadequate and poor instruction or basic genetic limits. Learning can be impacted upon heavily by weak cognitive skills during the reading process as well as understanding, since several processes tend to go on. In case, any of the process is found to be weak, then it might throw off completely the entire learning process. The student, while reading is to process visual images comprising of words and letters. Simultaneously, they are to recall as well as associate the images with appropriate sounds. Those sounds are to form mental associations to come up with the associated words. It is necessary to comprehend the meaning of the word and how this applies towards what is being read. The weak cognitive skills are likely to throw off completely the entire learning curve.

Overcoming learning disabilities

Fortunately, weak cognitive skills affecting learning disabilities can be changed by cognitive ability test along with properly selected training. Such changes could be dramatic and rapid for those struggling with different learning disabilities. It is much easier these days to come across generalized and customized cognitive ability exams that can be used by the corporate sector for hiring employees. The quality learning center which offers cognitive skills exam is likely to uncover particular cognitive skill weaknesses. It also helps to customize training for strengthening those who are weak. By conducting such tests among potential candidates and existing employees can help the learning disability to literally and completely change lives.

Learning disability is said to be suffered by a good number of people all over the world. Hence, it becomes necessary to carry out such tests among candidates to ensure the best one being selected and promoted in the organization.