Let’s Look at the Top Flat-Fee MLS Companies in Pennsylvania in 2022

In Pennsylvania, a homeowner can expect to pay a 6% commission divided between a listing agent and a buyer’s agent. If you don’t want to pay this high fee, you can try to sell your home without a realtor. Selling a house by the owner can save a lot of money because you are not required to pay an agent’s commission. However, you will need to take care of all the tasks an agent would normally handle. These tasks include marketing, showing, and negotiating. Also, individual homeowners can’t just add a home to the local MLS. MLSs are huge databases of properties for sale that buyers use to find properties. The good news is that a flat-fee MLS company in Pennsylvania can get your home into this database for a small fee. 

Let’s dive into the details of some of the top flat-fee MLS companies in Pennsylvania that may best suit your requirements. 

Top Flat-Fee MLS Companies in Pennsylvania

  • Houzeo 

One of the best flat fee MLS Pennsylvania companies, Houzeo helps to make your selling process seamless. Houzeo’s simple-to-use online dashboard permits you to conveniently get your property onto the MLS. You can choose an affordable package that meets your requirements. Most of the packages include 2D and 3D tours to help display the best features of your property. If your property is in a competitive market, these virtual tours can help your listing to stand out.

You can submit all the seller’s paperwork on the Houzeo app, and when you enter your address, Houzeo auto-fills publicly accessible data about your property. Also, you can purchase additional services like agent showings, contract reviews, etc.

  • Extreme Exposure: 

Houzeo listings get syndicated to websites like Zillow, Realtor.com, Redfin, Trulia, and many others. Also, Houzeo’s well-designed social media sharing tools give your property the visibility it needs.

  • Save on Commission: 

By paying a small flat fee, you can get access to Houzeo’s services. This will help you save thousands of money.

  • Fast Listing & Changes: 

This 100% online platform helps to make your listing process easy, and you can make modifications to your listing effortlessly too. 

  • 5-Star Customer Support: 

Houzeo has highly rated customer service. You can check out Houzeo reviews for a better understanding.

  • Cutting-edge Technology: 

Houzeo’s IntelliList listing management system, offers, buyer search feature, Houzeo settlement agent platform, etc. make it the number one choice for sellers across Pennsylvania.

  • Simple Choice Realty

Simple Choice Realty is a local flat-fee MLS company in Pennsylvania. It allows you to list your property on the MLS for a reasonable flat fee. If you are looking for a timely listing, unlimited listing modification option, and good customer service, Simple Choice Realty offers exactly that. 

  • Good Exposure: 

Simple Choice Realty will display your property on over 84 separate real estate websites and social media platforms. 

  • Amazing Features: 

Even in their cheapest package, they let you upload up to 25 photos of your property. Many competitor websites offer fewer than 10 photos with their basic package. Also, you will receive all the Pennsylvania state disclosures with all of their packages. All the buyer leads are sent straight to you, not via an agent. They will not charge you extra money for making changes to your listing.

  • Customization: 

Simple Choice Realty’s a la carte services are limited. They will charge you extra fees of $25 for adding your contact information on Zillow.

  • Additional support:

You can pay some extra money and receive the service of a listing broker to help you review your contract. Also, you can pay an extra $50 to accelerate your listing and get listed on the same day.

  • XFlatFeeMLS

Do you expect that your home will sell quickly? XFlatFeeMLS distinguish their packages based on the length of the listing term. Their fee is extremely reasonable. Also, you can choose to defer payment until after closing. XFlatFeeMLS offers a full refund if you agree to list with one of its suggested full-service agents. If your house is in a hot market, you can get the vital services you need for a very reasonable fee.

  • Package: 

XFlatFeeMLS provides four different packages. They range from $69 to $189 with different listing terms. 

  • Customization: 

Every change you need to make on the XFlatFeeMLS website requires additional money. 

  • Technology: 

Their website has limited tech features.

  • Flat Fee Realty

Flat Fee Realty offers one of the cheapest packages for flat-fee MLS listings in Pennsylvania. Your listing comes with all the state seller’s disclosures that you will need. You can only post six photos with their basic package. However, you can pay some extra money to post up to 25 photos on the MLS. If an inexpensive plan is your priority, then Flat Fee Realty is a good choice. 

  • Package: 

They offer one listing package for $179, which allows you to upload six photos. You will have to pay an additional $50, if you want to upload more photos. Their listing broker will retain 0.1% to 0.25% of the buyer’s broker commission.

  • Exposure: 

Flat Fee Realty is s not based in Pennsylvania. Their services are not throughout the entire state. They are only licensed in Connecticut and partner with listing brokers in other states where they are not licensed.

  • Customization: 

They offer only a single flat-fee MLS package and they do not have any a la carte options.

  • Flat Fee Group

Flat Fee Group’s base package comes with a 12-month listing term. Also, they provide a for sale sign with each listing package — you just need to pay $10 for shipping.

  • Package: 

Their packages range from $299 to $999, and their full-service package will cost you $299, with a 1% “convenience fee” at closing. They do not charge any hidden fees.

  • Technology: 

Flat Fee Group is a bit low on technology. Some parts of the listing process will be done manually and would take a quite lot of time.

If you have the understanding of how to sell a house by owner it can be challenging and it is not right for everyone. If you are aware of the challenges and ready to tackle them, then you can sell without a realtor in Pennsylvania. Flat fee MLS companies in Pennsylvania should be your top preference because it delivers a supreme mixture of savings, tech features, and service. Whether you just need a basic package or more assistance, these flat-fee MLS companies offer a seamless process to help you list and sell your home.