Long-Term Personal Loan: Everything You Need to Know

Personal loans are individual loans that can be used to fulfil needs at an individual level. These loans generally include a home loan, wedding loan, auto loan, etc. You can get instant personal loans these days that are quicker and will not cost you so much time. Generally, long-term personal loans supersede personal loans. Long-term personal loans have a tenure of more than three years. You can commonly use long-term personal loans for any private purpose, such as renovating a home, education, or any medical emergency. 

A borrower can apply for a personal loan through any online app or website, including MoneyTap, NAVI, Fullerton, etc. Moreover, they do not have any additional cost, and you can save time by following these methods. 

You can avail of several benefits through these long-term personal loans, which are discussed below. 

Advantages of Long–Term Personal Loans:

1) Loan Amount: 

A person may be availing the long-term personal loans for a higher amount only. In the case of long-term personal loans, the loan providers will approve the amount you need. In addition, the authorities consider various factors for this purpose, such as age, payment ability, monthly income, credit score, etc. 

2) Interest Rates:

The interest rates for a long-term personal loan are meagre. Because standard personal loans will have higher demand and are very competitive, and thus, long-term personal loans will have low-interest rates and are affordable for people with moderate income. 

3) Payment Options:

The payment options for the loan are payable. Long-term personal loans come with two methods of payment, a) prepayment and b) flexible repayment. It specifies that you will have the option to prepay the secured loan amount even before the completion of the tenure of the personal loan. Also, you will have the EMI options, through which you can make monthly payments at your convenience. The prepayment options will help you in saving your money. Subsequently, the lending institution will also reduce the interest on your amount based on this. Therefore, it is one of the best reasons to apply for an instant personal loan

4) Approval and Disbursement:

A long-term personal loan is affordable, and one can apply for it easily and quickly. Apply for an instant loan, and you will get the approval within no time. Also, the loan amount will be speedily disbursed into your bank account. It will take a few hours or days to get the approval and disburse the amount into your bank account. 

5) No Collateral:

Generally, for any instant loan, one must put some property as collateral. But in the case of this long-term personal loans, no such kind of collateral is needed. In short, you do not need any collateral or guarantee to avail of a long-term instant personal loan online.

Now, we will know how long-term personal loans work. Usually, to get a personal loan for the long term, borrowers follow the traditional method of borrowing. The conventional method for getting personal loans will include the following process.

  • Firstly, you will be borrowing money from any lender you choose. It might be an NBFC like NAVI.
  • Secondly, the conditions for the secured amount will be imposed by the said lender, and they will levy interest rates upon such an amount for your personal loan
  • Thirdly, the date of repayment of the borrowed amount will be fixed by you and the lender. Borrowers need to pay the interest rate and the borrowed amount on the date you and your lender agreed to pay. 
  • Fourthly, the evaluation process will be done by the lender. It includes your payment ability, based upon which you can choose to pay monthly, yearly, or quarterly. This evaluation will depend upon your monthly income, credit score, etc. the lender will assess all such kinds of criteria and will provide you with a long-term personal loan based upon them. If the lender feels that the loan can be approved, then he lends the same without any hesitation, and your instant loan will be approved. 
  • Lastly, You need to repay the amount borrowed from the lender every month at the agreed date and the agreed amount between you and the lender.

However, internet apps and websites will follow almost the same process. Furthermore, you can apply for an instant loan online and decide on the repayment date. And payment options will be available on careful analysis of your submitted documents and the loan amount. 

Eligible criteria for Instant Personal Loans:

The eligibility for availing personal loans is as follows,

  1. It is a must for you to be a resident of India. 
  2. Your age must be above 23 years.
  3. You need to be a salaried person, an owner of any business, or a self–employed individual. 
  4. Your income must be above the mark of INR 30,000. 
  5. If you are a salaried person, you need to have at least two years of experience.
  6. If you are a person owning a business, then you need to be holding such a business for more than one year. 

Documents needed for availing the long-term personal loan:

The documents asked by the banking institutions for a personal loan application are few. For example, you need your passport-size photo, a PAN CARD or PAN Card Number, any identity proof such as a ration card, Driving License, or voter ID card, and your Address proof. In addition, you can produce your Aadhar card for both ID proof and address proof. 


Therefore, these are the details that you need to know about long-term instant personal loans. Moreover, when you apply for instant personal loans from a borrower or money lender, there won’t be much problem as everything will be mentioned in your agreement. But if you are going with online websites or apps, you need to make sure that you read all the terms and conditions of the agreement before clicking on the declaration. These conditions might one day make you suffer for the things you have not accepted. So, read all of it and have a happy loan disbursement.