Loose Diamonds and Their Meticulous Regulation

Many people are familiar with the gorgeous loose diamonds that we see in jewelry all over the world. These diamonds have usually traveled a very long way in order to be available for purchase to the average consumer. There are many laws in effect that regulate these diamonds and where they can be exported to. Since diamond mining occurs all over the world, it is a global issue that deserves the utmost attention. There are many loose diamonds mined in third world countries that are exported with the sole purpose of funding rebel groups. These diamonds are referred to as “conflict diamonds.” The money made from the sale of these diamonds is used for warfare and violence. The Kimberly Process Certification Scheme is a law set into place in 2003 to prevent “conflict diamonds” from entering the global market. This ensures all diamonds are certified loose diamonds and do not contribute to any rebel forces.

The goal for this law is to set forth a standard and rule for diamond miners to obey. This rule ensures all diamonds mined are mined by companies or individuals who do not support rebel forces trying to overthrow the government. In order for a country to be eligible, they must ensure their diamonds do not fund rebel forces and also ensue they will only export to others participants who also adhere to the law. Here are the basic requirements for the process of exporting the loose diamonds:

The diamonds being shipped over international borders should be shipped in a tamper-resistant container. They should also be accompanied by a Kimberly Process Certificate that ensures they comply with the law. Each certificate should be unable to forge and should also have a unique number. It should also completely describe the contents of the shipment. This shipments are only allowed to be shipped to countries who are also in compliance with the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.

In order to provide a safe method to export and import diamonds, we are also giving any extremist, rebel groups less of an opportunity to have the funds necessary to support their forces. Without this law, many governments would be overthrown using money earned from selling diamonds mined in various regions of the world. Not only would that be dangerous for the world’s governments, but it would also put a stigma on the diamond sitting in your beautiful engagement ring or wedding band. No one wants a jaded diamond to represent their marriage!