Mark Zuckerberg but it is not what you are thinking of

Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg, who has been involved in a long-running dispute with Elon Musk regarding his use of AI Intelligence and the company’s methods of collecting data, may be in agreement to the SpaceX and Tesla CEO. Tesla and SpaceX counterpart over cryptocurrency. In his most recent posting in Facebook, Zuckerberg shared a photo of two goats, and stated that one was called “Bitcoin”. While it’s not a good name for goats, the post caused a storm of speculation suggesting that the billionaire businessman was promoting cryptocurrency. Crypto Genius is a word you should understand at this point.

Zuckerberg’s brief post read, “My goats: Max and Bitcoin” and the image included two goats in the Haystack. However, it has received more than 12 lakh comments as well as more than 2.85 thousand comments. Additionally more than 24,000 facebook users have shared the post.

One user on Facebook, named Sohana Saba asked him which one goat is named Bitcoin while another user known as Vaibhav Mishra asked “Where’s Dogecoin?”

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency which has seen a massive increase in value, reaching a time reaching 70 cents following Musk started twittering on it during February of this year. Musk has suggested that crypto might be the next currency on the Earth however he wasn’t sure what kind of currency it would be or if there were various crypto currencies.

After the post of Zuckerberg it has generated lots of speculations on Twitter and whether Facebook’s Facebook founder was offering his support for Bitcoin by releasing the post.

Musk as well as Zuckerberg’s fight dates back to 2016 when an SpaceX rocket explosion caused the destruction of the Facebook satellite.

Since then, they’ve disagreed on almost everything everything from artificial intelligence to rockets. In the live Facebook broadcast, Zuckerberg supported the idea of artificial intelligence, and declared those who opposed it “pretty irresponsible”. Musk has also been calling for an artificial intelligence regulation and reacted to Twitter declaring that Zuckerberg’s “understanding of the subject is limited”.