Matters of the Heart: 7 Signs of a Committed Relationship

According to a report, only 64% of Americans say they are happy in their relationship. While there are no rules to define or dictate a perfect relationship, everyone wants to be in a happy, exciting, and fulfilling relationship. 

Although the first few months of a relationship can be fascinating, couples tend to want more than just fun. Since everyone requires some assurance in a relationship, it is crucial to know whether or not your partner is ready for a committed relationship. 

Read on for signs that can help you know if you are in a committed relationship.

1. You Discuss Your Hopes and Expectations

Commitment in a relationship is mainly about thinking ahead, seeing your partner in your plans, and discussing that future with them. This means being honest and open about what you want for the relationship and your life. 

Talking about your hopes and dreams can include career plans, marriage, a partner’s desire to have children, where to live, how to handle finances, and more. It is normal to have expectations and hopes for a promising future with your partner. 

Discussing your plans as a couple helps form a strong foundation for the relationship. Since this is about long-term goals, a partner who isn’t committed to the relationship will avoid discussing any future plans. 

2. You Meet Each Other’s Needs

Though you are a couple, everyone has different needs. For example, one partner may require some independence, while another may desire more affection and intimacy frequently. 

Couples who are committed to one another try to do their best to meet their partner’s needs. Seeing their partner happy and satisfied in the relationship can mean so much to them. 

Therefore, if your partner goes out of their way or comfort zone to meet your need, they are likely committed to the relationship. 

3. You Support Each Other

It is crucial that your partner supports you in everything you do. According to studies, people in a committed relationship have a lower risk of suffering mental health conditions and other diseases. 

Since you plan to have a future together, they should be your first and constant support system. Though you may have other friends and family, they may not know what you go through every day at work and more. 

Since you are likely to text or call your partner more, they should know how best to support you. Apart from knowing your coworkers and your schedule, they should be able to show up when you need them. 

Knowing how to support your partner’s dreams, make them smile after a hard day, and more shows that you have taken the time to know and understand them. They should be ready to offer advice when needed, be there when you are unwell, and help you through any problem.  

4. Partners in a Committed Relationship Focus on Little Things

Small gestures speak volumes in any relationship. Partners who do not have commitment issues will take their time to surprise their partners with the little things they value and know their partner’s favorite things. 

The best way of doing this is to understand your partner’s love language. Some people value physical touch more than receiving gifts. On the other hand, some people prefer to spend quality time with their partner rather than getting help around the house. 

Committed partners know each other’s love language and ensure their partner feels loved and appreciated by doing what they prefer. Suppose your partner knows how to make you feel loved and happy. They may be in it for the long haul. 

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5. They Make Time for You

Being in a relationship, including a long-distance relationship, requires one to spend plenty of quality time with their partner. This can be staying in, going out for dinner dates, moving, driving in the countryside, traveling together, engaging in video calls, and more.

Couples who are happy and satisfied with their relationship do not pay much attention to what they do together. The time they spend together is more valuable than the activity. 

If you spend quality time together, always have something to talk about, and put everything aside to be with your partner, you are happy with being in the relationship and are committed to it. 

6. You Are Open and Honest with Each Other

Lies destroy relationships and also show a lack of commitment. It is crucial for partners to be very open, honest, and also vulnerable to each other. In other words, you should be able to be around each other without hiding who you are. 

This includes knowing each other’s secrets and being ready to listen to each other. Open and honest relationships are less stressful to handle. You will be more comfortable around each other without the fear of being judged. 

This way, you can work through your problems quickly and keep the relationship more robust. If your partner is honest, open with you, and ready to compromise, they are also committed to the relationship. 

7. They Include You in All Decisions

Couples who have been in a relationship for some time tend to do everything together. They go to weddings and family functions and can even spend the holidays together. This means you will want your partner to know your plans and get their opinion.  

You can also make changes to accommodate each other in your plans and decisions. This is a huge part of being in a relationship. 

Consider These Signs of a Committed Relationship

These and several other signs can help you determine whether or not you are in a committed relationship. While some signs are pretty big, others are small but very significant. To ensure your relationship is a success, be ready to put in the right amount of effort and continue being open and honest with each other. 

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