Medical negligence and cosmetic surgery: do I have a case?

When cosmetic surgery goes wrong it can be a stressful time. Not only do you have to deal with the consequences of the operation, but you’ll most likely worry about the steps you’ll have to take to receive compensation. Below we explore this process and the criteria that’ll decide your case.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery usually refers to an invasive operation to alter your physical appearance. This can be after trauma (e.g.wounds, burns or a disfigurement) or they can be an elective procedure that’s not strictly necessary. As an invasive surgery, cosmetic operations are held to the same level of scrutiny that any other surgery would have regarding medical negligence.

What are the causes for a case?

Medical negligence claims can be made against any procedure where there has been a substandard outcome. This can occur in many different ways. In some situations, you may not have received adequate counsel from your medical professional: they might have neglected to offer you a full range of procedures or they might have failed to advise you not to have the surgery. You can also make a claim if the surgery goes wrong despite being advised correctly.This could happen when the surgeon has gone through incorrect procedures, used inadequate tools or not provided the appropriate aftercare. If a cosmetic surgery has an adverse outcome, you can pursue a subsequent claim.

How does the process work?

The law can be complex and it’s best to begin by getting advice from medical negligence solicitors. Usually, you’ll be offered a no-win no-fee arrangement if your case is taken on. This means that if you fail to win compensation you won’t be liable to pay any legal fees. As long as your claim is made before the deadline, then proceedings will begin. Often, your lawyers will be able to negotiate with the medical professional and agree a compensation package that will avoid the need to go to court. But when an agreement can’t be reached, your lawyers will submit your claim to the courts. This can lead to added stress and often all parties will attempt to avoid this.

Medical negligence claims can seem daunting at the beginning. But by getting the help of professionals and working through the process, you should be able to get a compensation package.