Men’s Fashion Trends For Fall 2021

Yes, the summer’s at full speed, but all fashion lovers know that we’re always looking to the future when it comes to trends! 

And oh boy, what an exciting fall lies ahead in the men’s fashion world! With the sad and challenging year behind us, people are starting to feel more hopeful about…everything, including clothes (bye, sweats). 

Living in the moment and experimenting more with style is also a trend that we see for the fall season, so fingers crossed we can enjoy all these exciting fashion pieces full-on in a couple of months!

Here are men’s fashion trends for fall 2021. 

All things leather 

One of the strongest men’s fashion trends for the upcoming fall is all things leather. And we don’t mean leather shoes or accessories, but real clothes like coats, pants and jackets. 

This season’s leatherwear is inspired by the 70s with all its flair and Neo from the Matrix, meaning there is *a lot* of leather. We’re talking floor-reaching trenchcoats a lot.

In any case, if you’re looking to be in step with 2021 fashion, a leather piece is a must-have.

Fun statement knitwear

2021 is coming up roses for those who love big, chunky, statement sweaters and other knitwear. No skin-tight piece, only oversized, baggy jumpers, please. 

While graphics have been back for a while, men’s knit fashion is full of colours and geometric designs this fall and winter season.

Bright, bold (think primary colours like red or yellow), fun and exciting, such a piece will always put you in the spotlight as the guy who “knows what’s up”. 

Ski-wear when you’re not skiing

As Vogue puts it, the ski-suit leaves the slopes of the most beautiful resorts to take a trip to the city.

Yes, this absolutely means that you can wear your favourite ski jackets and pants for a weekend out and about town come fall and winter. 

This is a lifesaving trend for those who live in super cold climates because padded, down-filled clothing will save you from the chill and signal everyone you’re in step with fashion.

Red, red, red 

Speaking of colours, the colour of the fall season 2021 is red. Yes, and it’s everywhere, from formal wear like suits to sweaters and bomber jackets. 

We love all shades of it – the cherry, the scarlet, maroon and carnelian – because it catches the eye and demonstrates confidence. 

The secret of not looking like a Santa, though, is opting for neutral colours in your other outfit pieces.

If you don’t feel like investing in a crimson suit, you can always add a splash of red with a high-quality long sleeve t-shirt like the ones from Fresh Clean Tees

Turtle (roll) neck

Turtlenecks are divisive, and people often either love them or hate them. But if you’re one of those who’s been on the fence so far, this is the time to give rollnecks a shot! 

In the fall/winter season 2021-2022, high, stretchy and bold turtlenecks are very much in! Take a chance! 

A chunky turtleneck looks excellent on its own or worn under a classic tweed blazer. 

BIG outerwear 

A consistent theme across collections this season was taking up space. 

And nothing takes up more space than big puffy jackets, long structured overcoats and oversized bomber jackets. 

Another advantage of voluminous outerwear is that you can fit your chunky sweaters and turtlenecks under it without any problems!

Classic trench coat 

A classic trench coat technically never went out of style, but it’s super trendy in 2021. And we love it! It’s a timeless fashion piece that can elevate even the most mundane outfit. 

While you can always opt for a traditional monochrome trench, this year offers so much more. Everyone will find something they’ll love, from leather to crazy modern prints to oversized versions (see the previous trend).