Mera sakoon ho tum novel season 2 pdf is available for free here


This article discusses a hugely-loved novel – Mera Sakoon Ho Tum Novel Season 2, and online reading options. The novel highlights a romantic story in the Urdu language where a mix of emotions is felt as we read. The writer of the novel is Meerab, who’s an established novelist and has produced several works of excellence and mera sakoon ho tum is just one of them. 

Mera sakoon ho tum novel season 2 pdf: Story summary and review

Each character is on point and barely exaggerates. Even the portrayal of emotions seems so real to the point where convincing people into thinking ‘Mera sakoon…’ is based on an actual event would be so easy. And because everything else alongside the story was so out of the box, readers had a satisfactory time with the novel. 

Here, the duo reflects immense love and how ‘love’ can give all the courage to become protective towards the lover. As in any typical love story, ‘mera sakoon…’ follows the flow of two individuals who are meant to be together. However, the story’s thrilling moments are too many in the form of obstacles that the lovers face and exactly what’s stopping them from coming across. Apart from the obstacles between the loving duo, there are twists in every turn – and mostly unexpected. Ever since you start the novel, till the bottommost sentence, there’s a chill you will get. Also, there’s both romance and suspense, blended into a story, which automatically increases a factor to interest readers. 

Where to find Mera sakoon ho tum novel season 2 pdf? 

‘Mera sakoon…’ is a perfect novel option for anyone looking for a romantic Urdu novel. You don’t need to download the Mera sakoon ho tum novel season 2 pdf and instead read it online here. The pdf is available for free and you can view it an unlimited number of times. 

Why should you read novels? 

Reading novels or fiction, in general, is superb to develop the social brain and research shows that a regular reader will have a better set of social skills. Another study confirmed that reading fiction improves empathy in people. One more reason why someone should read novels is the fact that children that grow up reading fiction possess a better ability to read somebody’s state of mind. 


Mera Sakoon has to be one of the best novels out there in the niche of romance. But the romantic piece of content is not the main catch alone in this novel, as the thrill, twists, and suspense are equally good. Anyone who reads it can confirm the same. Also, the novel isn’t very lengthy so going from the top to bottom shouldn’t be a time-taking venture. So, the next time you are on a novel hunt, do try the Mera Sakoon Ho Tum Novel Season 2 pdf.