Microsoft Certification Examination

Microsoft certification examination is a senior computer technician certification examination launched by Microsoft company. It is recognized as a senior computer software talent certification in the world. The certificate issued by Bill Gates has been recognized in more than 90 countries around the world. Microsoft Certification represents the technical strength of enterprises and individuals. The people who own it can enjoy high employment opportunities, high salary and relevant academic credit free treatment in all over the world. Even in some countries of North America, it can be used as the technical evaluation standard for immigrants. Microsoft certification is the most influential IT certification in the world at present. Check this link to learn about the microsoft 365 certified fundamentals.

. According to the introduction of IT certification examination resource network, since its establishment in 1992, it has developed into a complete certification system with two major directions of system management and application development, covering all version series of Microsoft software products, and its influence on the promotion and support of Microsoft products is deepening, has statistics a lot of Chinese people are also from Microsoft certification began to understand and invested in IT certification to enrich themselves !

MCP Certification System:

System management certification : MCSE2003

MCSE2003: Security certification

MUSE2003: Information certification MUSE certification MCSA2003 certification MCSA certification MCDST certification MCP certification

Application development: MCSD certification, MCAD certification

Database: MCDBA certification

MCTS certification system (Microsoft new generation certification system)

System management: MCTS certification MCITP certification MCA certification

Application development: MCPD certification, MCA certification

Database: MCTS certification MCITP certification

Microsoft Certification Classification:

(primary) MCP = = > MCSE = = > MCSD (senior )

MCPS – Microsoft Certified Professional

├ MCP + Internet (Microsoft Certified Internet expert)

└ MCP + Site Building(Microsoft Certified Web Site Construction Expert)

MCSE – Microsoft Certified System Engineer

└ MCSE + Internet (Microsoft Certified Internet System Engineer)

MCDBA – Microsoft Certified Database Administrator

MCSD – Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

├ VB Track(the expert by using VB to develop solutions)

├ VF Track(the expert by using VF to develop solutions)

└ VC Track(the expert by using VC to develop solutions)

MCT – Microsoft Certified Trainer

New certification framework: (primary)MCTS= =MCITP  MCPD = =MCA (senior)

Features of the Microsoft Certification site Examination:

Microsoft certification examination is different from the general computer universal examination, its main purpose is to cultivate senior computer professionals. The content subjects of Microsoft certification examination have strong pertinence. They are all aimed at different stages of Microsoft products. After the upgrade of the product, the content, type and even quantity of the examination should be changed accordingly. There is no fixed time for the exam, you can go to the authorized exam center to register at any time, if it is your first time to take the test, the registration must provide detailed personal information, such as name, name of the Chinese Pinyin, the company’s English name, English address, telephone, postal code, ID number, etc.; Provide exam information, such as exam number, exam name, exam language and exam date; and pay the examination fee. The issuance of the certificate is generally responsible for the certification company, part of the certification company’s website home page has results and certificate inquiry function, you can use the examinee’ ID number to land inquiry. Certificate issuing period of each company slightly different, generally for a month.

The Content of Microsoft Certification Examination:

The content of Microsoft certification examination is very professional, mainly includes the following aspects:

1、 Operating system (Windows NT 4.0 installation, system configuration, account management, file and printer resource management, remote access service, domain planning and building and management, enterprise domain model design, NT network analysis and optimization and troubleshooting, etc.)

2、 Windows 2000 (Windows 2000 platform series, installation, DNS, active directory, remote installation service, group policy, terminal service, file and disk management, disaster protection, directory service foundation, naming policy, permission delegation, active directory logical structure, object structure, implementation, etc.)

3、 Network technology courses (network design, implementation of protocol networking, network connection, planning, configuration, management, monitoring, etc.)

4. Database (installation, configuration and management of database, security management, backup and recovery of database, performance adjustment, user account management, multiple table query, transaction processing, view, storage process implementation, etc.)

5、 Development Engineer (database development, com development, MFC development, collection and analysis of business needs, design of business solutions, design of data services and data models, etc.) 6. E-commerce (creation of network industry, creation of COM components and use of MTS, establishment, maintenance and optimization of e-commerce sites, etc.).

The Candidates of Microsoft Certification:

The requirement of Microsoft certification examination is high for examinee. They must master basic computer knowledge and have certain computer operation skills to apply for the examination. At present, there are two kinds of people who take part in the examination:

The first group is young people who are ready to go abroad, immigrate or study abroad, if they have a Microsoft certificate, it is relatively easy to find a job abroad, and the salary should be higher. Some schools abroad can also exempt some credits;

The second group is people who are working or preparing to work in the IT industry. Product upgrades or technical improvements require employees to improve their skills as well. There are also a small number of students in school.

Comments on Microsoft Certification in This industry:

A person in the industry said that Microsoft certification has the highest popularity in foreign IT certification, and the number of people who take the examination and pass the certification is also the largest, because Microsoft has the largest market share in computer operating system, so it has more significance to pass the Microsoft certification. Researcher Zhong Cuihao , a doctoral supervisor of the Institute of software research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that some multinational enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises have higher requirements for their employees, especially in the IT industry. Microsoft certificate has almost become a gate pass to apply for. Without its certificate, its products can not be made well. So if you want to work in Microsoft, you must get the certificate of Microsoft.

Charging Standard of Microsoft Certification Examination:

 A person for each MCP certification examination is USD35.0193. There is no difference between public expense and self expense. Candidates can contact each examination center to register for the examination.

Registration Process of Microsoft Certification Examination:

1. You need to pay the fee before you sign up for each exam.

2. The examination fee is USD35.0193 for per subject, and you can get the examination voucher after paying the fee.

3. All the test voucher are registered. The test administrator will help you to endorse your name and course on your test voucher.

4.If you are a new candidate, you need to fill in the new candidate registration form. The new candidate registration form is in both Chinese and English, and you need to fill in the following information: name, company name, communication method (in Chinese and English), telephone number, test subject, time, ID number, etc.

5. If you have already taken the test, you only need to fill in your ID number, test subject and test time when registering.

Schedule of Microsoft Certification Examination:

1. After determining the examination time, new candidates should go to the examination place three working days in advance to fill in the registration form and show the number of the exam.

2. Candidates who have participated in the examination can go to the examination place one working day in advance or make an appointment by telephone after the examination time is determined. At the same time, show the number of the exam.

3. If you need to cancel the examination you have confirmed, be sure to formally inform the examination center two working days in advance.

4. If you fail to come for the examination at the time you decide, your exam voucher will be deemed to have been used. The examination is cancelled.

The Arrangement of Microsoft Certification Examination:

1. On the day you come to the test, please be sure to bring your exam voucher , ID card, driver’s license and any other valid certificate with photos.

2. The exam administrator will assist you to fill in the exam registration form and the candidate agreement. Before you enter the examination room, please put your belongings on the outside, only carry the blank draft paper and pen issued by the examination room, and the examination administrator will guide you into the examination room.

3. After the examination, print three transcripts, two of which are stamped with steel seal and bar seal are kept by yourself, and the other one is kept by the examination room. At the same time, hand in the draft paper.

4. If you fail to pass the same exam twice in a row, you have to pass the same exam for two weeks after the third time.

Issue of Microsoft Certification Examination:

After passing the corresponding Microsoft certification examination, you will receive a certificate signed by Bill Gates within three weeks.

Introduction of Microsoft Senior Technical Personnel Certification:

MCP examination certification is a global recognized senior software technology personnel certification in the computer field. MCP examination adopts international standardized test questions downloaded through dedicated line. All the examinations are conducted in the computer environment, and the results of the computer automatic grading will be displayed immediately after the examination, and the effective transcripts can be obtained on the spot.

Through different computerized MCP examinations in CTEC (Microsoft Certification Senior Technology Training Center), you will get different levels of global certification certificates issued by Bill Gates, the President of Microsoft Corporation. MCP can not only gain the greatest trust of computer field and users of Microsoft products, but also obtain the greatest technical support from Microsoft Corporation.

Advantages of Microsoft Expert Certification:

(1) It is a bridge for fresh graduates to enter foreign-funded enterprises and get high salary, which reflects their technical strength;

(2) Become the target of major companies and institutions, and is the reference for promotion and technical title evaluation;

(3) You can be included in Microsoft’s talent pool, get free technical materials and magazines, and be invited to attend Microsoft’s technical lectures;

(4) Having the certificate such as MCSE, means have the green card to Europe and the United States —skilled migration and studying abroad for related majors, 15 credits are free.

Microsoft Certified Product Specialist – MCPS:

MCPS is a technical expert who is certified by Microsoft and has the ability to independently install, configure and support Microsoft desktop products. Only one MCP examination of desktop operating system is required, that is, to obtain the MCP certificate. You can also choose one of the candidate examination subjects to become the corresponding product expert.

Microsoft Certified Network Management and Maintenance Engineer – MCSE:

MCSE is a system engineer certified by Microsoft, who can use Microsoft’s Windows NT operating system and other Microsoft Advanced Systems and working group products to build, maintain and support the information platform. In order to obtain the MCSE certificate, he must pass four different kinds of operation MCP examination and two elective MCP examination subjects.

Microsoft Software Development Expert – MCSD:

MCSD is a professional certified by Microsoft, who can use Microsoft development tools, technologies and platforms (including Microsoft Office & back office) to put forward the design scheme and carry out the corresponding software development according to the customer’s needs. As long as pass the examination of 4 subjects: 2 key technology subjects and 2 alternative subjects, then can obtain the MCSD certificate.

Microsoft Certified Database Management Engineer – MCDBA:

MCDBA is also certified by Microsoft. It can realize and manage Microsoft SQL Server database, export the design of physical database, develop logical data model, create physical database, create data service with transact SQL, manage and maintain database, configure and manage security, monitor and optimize database, and install and configure some software such as Microsoft SQL Server.

Training Objectives:

MCP + Site creation certification is suitable for: web developers, web site creators, web site administrators and web site administrator.

MCSD certification is suitable for: software engineer, software application engineer, software developer and software consultant.

MCSE certification is suitable for: system engineer, technical support engineer, system analyst, network analyst and technical consultant.

MCDBA certification is suitable for: database administrators, database analysts, database developers.

MCT certification is suitable for: teachers who teach MOC guided courses in Microsoft CTEC

MCSA certification is suitable for: network management.
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