MyFlixer – Watch Free HD Movies and TV Shows Online

There are more than a hundred websites which give people the opportunity to stream and watch movies of every kind. Some of them are available easily, some of them  are cost-effective, some hold a huge library. There are so many available that it sometimes becomes very difficult to choose from. Hence, this suggestion to choose a site called Myflixer. It is a streaming website which contains shows, movies, and everything from Hollywood.

The website has many kinds of benefits and uses which make it so different from other websites. This makes it easier for everyone to use it and watch several movies and shows.

What is Myflixer?

It is basically a streaming service that allows any user to watch movies and shows for free. But unlike any legitimate streaming service, the content here is all pirated. Hence, by using this site you could put your device in harm’s way. This also means that the site might be banned or blocked in several countries.

However, fear not. There are several cleaners that help uninstall the add-ons that are associated with sites like this and help in boosting your device a little bit. So you can avail the services of MYflixer quite easily.

Sometimes, you might find that the website’s name changes due for this very reason. The url might be one at one time when you are watching and it might change the next timed, which makes it a bit difficult to find but there are ways to overcome that too. The official website is blocked by the authorities but there are some domains that help users access this website. Some of these are:


How to watch movies on Myflixer:


Following are the steps to be followed in order to watch movies on the website Myflixer:

  • Go to your browser and type the domain name ‘ 
  • If the result shows ‘This site can’t be reached,’ try other links mentioned above. 
  • You can access the platform from any of the above mentioned links. Then you can search your desired TV show or movie name in the search bar or choose any of them by categories like genre, language, etc.
  • It will display the results of your search, and now you can choose the link to watch or download your desired movie or TV show in diverse qualities. 

Advantages of Myflixer include:

  • Cost of free service: The website does not charge any money for the streaming of movies or such. Compared to platforms like Netflix, Hulu, etc. This is a great advantage. In this way, it can be availed by a lot of audiences worldwide and help with the streaming of movies. The content can be seen by anyone and everyone.
  • Ad free streaming: The website does not showcase any ads and other stuff while playing. In comparison to other sites which show a lot of advertising content which disrupts the flow of watching any movie, this website is quite smooth in its operation. Users prefer this value of the website.
  • Easy access: Although banned and blocked in a few countries, this website can be accessed in over 35 countries, thus making it very popular among people. Some streaming services like Hulu are  available in countries like the USA only. Such restrictions are not made on Myflixer.
  • It does not ask for personal details like credit card, debit card, etc. This way, you do not have to impart any important knowledge which might cause fraudulence in later cases.
  • Along with free streaming , it also offers free downloading of movies too. This gives viewers the option of downloading and storing movies to watch them later at their own pace and time.
  • The website also regularly updates content. This brings in fresh content and newly released movies and TV shows. Most people prefer watching new trending shows at the earliest and this website offers the perfect solution at  no cost. The new content is also a great advantage of this site.
  • The website has a very easy navigating interface which makes it quite easy for the users to explore the website. The categorical options available on the website make it lucid for the viewers to choose genres of their liking and indulge in a show or movie of that variety. This makes the website really user-friendly.
  • The content that is available on the website is of really good quality. The definition at which movies are shown are quite high and cater to the audiences’ tastes in a really good manner. Thus, Myflixer is preferred over many other websites by users across the globe.

All of these reasons are why the traffic has been increasing rapidly on this website for quite some time. Since the pandemic hit us, the trend of online platforms for watching movies and shows and series has increased hugely and this has been one of the reasons why this website has fared so well. The other reasons are quite apparent from the list above.

While using Myflixer for the first time, there might be a few inconveniences. These can come in several forms:

  • The website sometimes shows a pop- up which asks you to allow push notificatiobns. If you allow this, there is a chance that you will be hit with a deluge of highly dodgy ads.
  • Myflixer also has an android app version. Sometimes, in some of the Myflixer websites, there comes an invitation to install this app. This is probably another source of malware in the site.
  • Sometimes there can be fake virus warnings. These are actually malware in disguise, trying to make you install apps or browser add-ons which will cause harm to your device.
  • MyFlixer and sites like it can potentially install browser hijackers like the Bing redirect virus.
  • There is a chance that MyFlixer sites and their advertisers might hack into your device and steal your personal data.

The traffic on this website has been in the millions every month. This is not only because of the advantages that the site offers, but also the lack of awareness about pirated content. Most people do not know that the content here are not legal and it might lead to several consequences which might be drastic in nature.

The first question to think about is that,while Netflix and other OTT platforms charge such a huge amount of money for such services, why does Myflixer give those services for free?Well, to answer that question, it can only be concluded that it is because the content here is pirated and obtained in illegal ways.

Is Myflixer illegal?

Yes absolutely. The website contains pirated content and that is why it can hold a library of more than 100000 titles in it,including the latest ones. Other websites might offer less pirated content, but they do not include the latest releases.

Does Myflixer attack PC?

No, Myflixer does not attack PC like a virus since it is not one. However, it does pave the way for introduction of malware into the device, making it vulnerable to virus attacks.

Can the device be made free of such malware?

Yes. Any user which uses Myflixer of their device should not clicks on any pop ups asking to allow notifications or install add-ons from this website. Still, in the case that such activity has already been performed by the user, the device can be made free of such extra installations form this website by following some steps and uninstalling the new add-ons.

These are the ones that cause malware on devices.

What are some alternatives to Myflixer?

Always go for legal OTT platforms. This way, even if it costs some money, at least the device stays clean and your personal data is safe.

  • Crackle- This website is compatible with SmartTVs, computers and mobiles. Anyone can avail the website and choose from the huge number of free content available here.
  • YesMovies- This website is another very popular alternative to Myflixer. You can navigate from the home screen itself to watch movie titles from the posters displayed. There is also a search box which helps with choosing a specific movie if needed.
  • Tubi- This is an absolute legal website. This offers free as well as premium content to its users. You can select from the vast number of shows, movies, etc. that this site offers. All you have to do is create a free account in order to access all its features.

The point of this article is to provide information about such websites solely, and not for any advertising purposes. It has been mentioned that the website uses the aid of piracy for showcasing the content, be it of high resolution or the best in quality ever. This automatically implies that the worst situation out of this could be that the user(s) could be sued legally for the usage of this website and for resorting to illegal ways.


It might also be a source of harm to your device, be it a desktop or PC. The device always becomes prone to malware and virus attacks after the usage of such sites. Hence, we always encourage users to use legitimate websites and other sources as much as possible.


Myflixer does not offer pirated content in any means. We are promoting information about piracy and its consequences. Our vision is to let our audiences know about the copyright act. We do not promote or support these illegal and unlawful activities. Downloading or watching this sort of content can put your personal data at the risk of cyber attacks. We advise our users not to get indulged in such activities as it can give your software virus or malware. Our content is only for education and information purposes to spread awareness in the audience. Such illegal activities might put you into an unlawful act, copyright infringement. We suggest visiting official platforms where the movie, OTT platform, or video is legally uploaded.