Mythical mania — Slot myths dispelled

With popularity comes rumours — just like Cardi B having to dispel the pregnancy rumours and Kim Kardashian proving that her iconic figure isn’t the product of silicone implants, there have been some bold accusations pointed at Slots over the years.

Slots are one of the most popular games in both land-based and online casinos because they’re thrilling, simple to get the hang of, and are available to play in an array of exciting themes. But you might have heard that Slots don’t pay out or are rigged, and these are just a couple of accusations from a long list of myths that we’re going to debunk for you. So, sit back and read on, as we uncover the facts behind the fiction.

Myth #1 – Online Slots don’t pay out

It’s a myth that has long followed Betfair Online Casino — that Slots rarely, if ever, pay out. However, if you believe this myth then there’s a simple solution to help to prove it’s false. Ever heard of a pay-table? This handy little informative section details a slot’s specific features, including details about bonuses and symbols, along with the game’s return to player percentage (RTP).

The RTP reflects the theoretical average rate that the slot pays out to its players, and although it varies from game to game, it shows that Slots do in fact payout. Granted these pay-outs aren’t always guaranteed, in terms of amount and number, but since the games are completely random, you’re going to have to take that issue up with Lady Luck.

If you’re a savvy player and care about the regularity of pay-outs, then we recommend that you consult a game’s paytable before you start playing a slot. However, you shouldn’t base your gaming choices on the RTP alone and fun should always be your priority!

Myth #2 – Slots are rigged

As we mentioned previously, Slots are completely random. There is simply no way that you or the casino can influence the outcome of the game, as it is solely based upon luck. This is great news for beginners to the game, since Slots can prove to be the perfect introduction to the world of online casino gaming, and don’t require any skill.

If you’re having doubts about the integrity of the humble slot, then here’s the proof that you desire. Online Slots can’t be rigged or influenced in any way by external forces, since they use a random number generator (RNG) to determine the outcome of your spins. This means that there are no humans involved in the game other than yourself, just some high-tech computer systems that guarantee that your gaming experience is fair.

Myth #3 – New games are superior to the classics

It’s not really a myth as such, but more of an opinion, since inevitably, the type of games that you enjoy playing will be down to your own personal preference. A newer game might have more features, bonuses and individual symbols, but sometimes there’s nothing like the homely, familiar feeling that you get from a classic fruit machine.

The great thing about Slots is that they’re fast-paced and there are hundreds to choose from. This means that you could sample a whole host of games. What’s more, since some games have a handy free demo for you to try, you could give the game a test-run to see if it tickles your fancy before you place your real-money wager!

Now that we’ve dispelled those myths, what are you waiting for? The online casino lobby is jam-packed with the latest and greatest slot games for you to try. All you need to do is register with your favourite site and you’re ready to spin those outrageous reels!

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