NAD IV Therapy & Reversing Aging

Aging is natural for all biological beings and occurs as you become older. Many things happen as you age, such as a decline in hormone levels, loss in tissue vitality and elasticity, etc. Unfortunately, due to our modern lifestyles, aging and its effects start as you reach your 30s and 40s. Unfortunately, it is not possible to stop aging. However, you can make it much healthier. 

Once you reach middle age, you will start thinking about how to reverse or slow down the aging process. You can do many things, such as cosmetic surgery, makeup, surgical methods, and even natural treatments. In this post, we will focus on how anti-aging NAD treatment can help to reverse aging since it can rejuvenate and even reverse the effects of aging on a cellular level.

NAD explained 

NAD is found in just about every cell within your body and is a coenzyme. It is an oxidizing reducing agent that causes the stimulation of cell regeneration within the human body. 

NAD is needed by your cells to create cellular energy. If you don’t have NAD, then your body wouldn’t be capable of processing food and turning it into energy for essential cell functions; This significantly impacts the brain. 

Anti-aging and NAD IV therapy

Even though NAD can be found throughout the body in every cell, the levels do reduce over time and age. Fortunately, you can use NAD IV therapy to increase the levels of NAD within your body, which will help to make aging occur more slowly. This can help prevent the typical diseases that occur with age and increase your quality of life. 

When you use NAD IV therapy along with good eating habits, regular detoxification, exercise, and an overall health way of living, this can reduce your rate of aging. 

We will now look at four reasons to use NAD IV therapy when it comes to anti-aging:

  1. Slows aging

According to research, NAD IV therapy has been found to improve overall longevity, improve the rate of DNA repair and protect cells. NAD is necessary to facilitate brain enzyme activity. These brain enzymes are known as SIRTs (SIRT1-7). These SIRTs impact your cognitive performance, improve memory and help protect you from Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. 

There is also research that indicates that SIRT enzymes may assist when it comes to the protection of telomeres. These are necessary to reduce the time it takes to divide cells until they cannot divide further. At this point, the cells die via apoptosis. So improving your NAD levels and SIRT1 function can prevent the telomeres from getting shorter, which would naturally increase the life span of the cells and reduce the rate of aging. 

  1. Cognitive improvement

Next, you should look at cognitive improvements when it comes to slowing down aging. When there are high amounts of NAD within your body, then this will help to improve cognitive function, which typically declines with age. 

In particular, Sirtuins can assist with making your body’s cells more resistant to stress, reducing the rate of cognitive decline. In addition, when you do NAD IV therapy will provide SIRT1 and NAD+, which are necessary to enhance cognition and overall clarity. 

  1. Better than using oral supplements

Orally taking NAD is less efficient because of the way that it is processed within the body and through digestion.

NAD IV therapy, as the name suggests, is given via an intravenous treatment. This treatment delivers NAD coenzymes into your blood so that all benefits are not diluted. This is the most effective way to deliver NAD to experience full effectiveness. In addition, it will quickly increase your body’s NAD levels. 

  1. Improves the natural restorative capabilities of your body

When the NAD levels are increased within your body, this will naturally increase the rate of your body’s restorative capabilities. In addition, due to the saline solution in which NAD is delivered, it will help to get rid of any toxic build-ups within your body as well as free radicals, which lead to aging and, in particular, aging of the skin. 

Detox programs and NAD IV therapy

It would help if you did not try to reverse years of damage in one treatment. Instead, it is best to do regular detoxification to ensure the number of free radicals within your body is consistently at its lowest levels; This will help slow down aging and prevent damage. 

So, it would help if you focused on improving your NAD levels and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When you take part in a regular detoxification program, it will help your body to rejuvenate and stay younger for much longer. By doing this, you will understand health, aging, and wellness to a much higher degree.