Netent’s The Most Popular Slots 2022: Best Selection For Players

NetEnt’s status in the online gambling market has been built on the quality of its visuals, large selection of themes, and clever features. In many aspects, their achievements are unrivaled, and many players admire their innovative approach. If you have not yet enjoyed playing NetEnt games with the best online casino bonuses, we recommend starting with NetEnt free slots online. NetEnt online slots appear to be well-received by all online casinos. Let us explain why. These developers’ games aren’t afraid to explore new ideas to provide unique experiences. With over three hundred distinct slot games to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities to have fun and generate income when playing with the NetEnt rtp live.

2022: NetEnt’s Most Popular Slots

We’ve put together a list of some of NetEnt’s most popular games over the years. If you play at online casinos, you could notice several titles that are familiar to you.

1. Starburst has an RTP of 96.10 Percent

This slot may be found on many of the most popular pages at various online casinos, and players have a strong affinity for it. Despite its simplicity, some consider Starburst the finest online slots game ever. The graphics are primarily inspired by arcades, accompanied by classical music, vivid colors, and jewels. The game is meant to capture your attention from the very first spin. Most online slots have five reels and ten pay lines as usual.

This game is so popular because it’s a low volatility high RTP game. Players will frequently pick up wins, and with the wild symbol, the wins cover the pay line and stay for three re-spins. Big wins are a real possibility at this slot game, and that’s why its popularity endures. 

2. Gonzo’s Quest – 95.97% RTP

NetEnt has developed a couple of games perceived as classics, and one such title is Gonzo’s Quest. When this game was released ten years ago, it was the first blockbuster-style slot and broke new ground in the industry. It included a new NetEnt feature called Avalanche Reels and was also released on mobile and VR. Despite its age, the game has been constantly updated to please its followers and has graphics worthy of modern times. Every winning symbol on the Avalanche Reel explodes and is replaced by a new symbol. Players might enjoy extended series of successful combinations as a result of this. The game has a Spanish Conquistador theme and has 15x multiplier free slots and online spin bonuses.

3. Dead or Alive 2 has an RTP of 96.82 Percent

The highest rewards are earned in high-volatility games, and Dead or Alive 2 is a perfect example. The game, a successor to the already popular Dead or Alive, has 5-reels and nine pay lines and is set in a Western setting. As you play, famous individuals such as Billy the Kid and Jesse James will appear on the reels. Sticky wilds, three free spin bonuses, and multipliers that apply to these free bonuses are all included in the game. For example, you may earn up to 111,111x your original wager when playing the High Noon Saloon free spins.

4. Reel Rush has an RTP of 97.00%

Because Reel Rush boasts one of the highest RTPs of any NetEnt game, it’s no wonder that it’s a popular pick. Reel Rush’s gameplay incorporates some of NetEnt’s most well-known innovations. Certain spots on the 5-reels and 5-lines may be unseen at first but will appear following a re-spin. Every spin adds to the number of pay lines available to players, increasing their chances of hitting additional winning spins. If you win five times in a row, the unlocks stack, and with 25 spaces, there are 3125 possible chances to earn rewards.

Reel Rush was created by NetEnt in reaction to the widespread use of mobile games like Candy Crush, and its bright aesthetic has made it a smash hit. With each re-spin, new pay lines become available, giving you more chances to hit winning combos. With five consecutive victories, you may unlock 25 spots, giving Reel Rush a total of 3125 opportunities to win. Reel Rush, with its bright appearance, is NetEnt’s response to the mobile game craze sparked by games like Candy Crush.

5. Mega Fortune has a 96.6 Percent Return on Investment

Mega Fortune is NetEnt’s premier recurring jackpot, and it has seen some of the largest prize wins in history. Because of its history of handing out life-changing sums to lucky winners, this game is one of NetEnt’s most popular. Its greatest ever victory was €17.9 million in 2013. Aside from that, this well-designed luxury-themed slot has three progressive jackpots to aim for.

2022’s Best NetEnt Slots

Going through the 200+ NetEnt online slots will take a long time. And although they’re all fantastic, there are some that stick out in particular ways. Our goal is to help you save both time and money. So, in this instance, we choose the TOP 10 NetEnt slots of 2022 to provide a smooth sailing experience while selecting the ideal online slot. It’s worth noting that NetEnt slots usually have a demo option, so you may play for free. In any case, we scrutinized each one to discover which had the most delicate visuals, the highest odds of winning, and the best incentives. You are free to browse NetEnt slots, but you can rely on our knowledge. This is something we’ve been doing for a long time!

Why are NetEnt Slots the Greatest Bet for You?

NetEnt slots are ideal if you want your online slot experience to contain innovative features, high-quality visuals, and a high RTP. NetEnt’s games are available at the finest online casinos, so you’ll have lots of choices when it comes to finding the right location to play. NetEnt slots are contemporary, quirky, exhilarating, and provide the fantastic potential to win large sums of money if you choose to play in the actual money mode. NetEnt slots are also incredibly popular on New Zealand casino sites! NetEnt slots aren’t only suitable for you; they’re suitable for everyone!

Bonuses on NetEnt Slots

A decent casino bonus is a dream come true for gamblers. And the accessible NetEnt slot bonuses are to die for in this scenario! Of course, if you want to take advantage of NetEnt bonuses, you’ll need to join and make a deposit, but trust us when we say it’s well worth it! Because each casino has its unique promos and free spins, there isn’t a standard chart for slot bonuses. The point is that the sites we recommended provide fantastic incentives for playing NetEnt slots, and you should check them out! You never know how much you can win when you play for real cash.

Is There a Place Where I Can Play NetEnt Casino Slots?

NetEnt is a provider of slots games that you can find online at casinos all around the world. They provide slot machines to many different game providers, and they also make their own casino games with titles like Gonzo’s Quest, Jackpot Jamba, Big Bang Theory™ Slot Machine Game, and Starburst. If you are looking for an enjoyable way to spend your time or win some money on the side then give them a try!

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