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Islamic women wear hijab as it allows them to keep their freedom of choice, modesty, and morals. For them, covering is liberating and keeps them from harassment.

Aside from freedom and ease, the hijab makes a woman look bold and beautiful. It suits any kind of outfit regardless of the fashion. Hijabs come in various styles and colors, giving their wearer a humble but fashionable look. 

One of the most crucial things to consider when choosing a hijab is its color and skin tone. Fortunately, you can always find a fashionable hijab online, choosing from the online store’s wide collections of hijabs at affordable prices.

Here are some guidelines on choosing the best hijab according to your skin tone to help you make a sound decision.

Let’s start with the dos and don’ts of wearing a hijab.

  • The main goal of wearing a hijab is to look modest. No matter how you wear it, you need to look elegant, but do not overdo it.
  • Choose the colors based on your undertone and skin tone.
  • Wear the colors that make you feel confident and beautiful.
  • Avoid colors that don’t compliment your skin color.
  • Choose the most comfortable style when framing the hijab around your face.
  • It is alright to use pins to hold the hijab in place, but avoid putting too much.
  • Wrap the hijab around your neck lose enough to let you breathe with ease.
  • Carry your hijab with confidence and elegance.
  • Style your hijab based on the dress you are wearing, giving you a decent look.

Choosing the right color of hijab based on your skin tone.

Light skin tone

Pastel colors compliment light skin tone. These colors include light pastel, orchid bloom, and more. Moreover, bold jewel tones, such as royal blue, cobalt, sapphire, royal violet, ruby red, and emerald green, look gorgeous with a light skin tone. 

However, avoid colors like camels, taupe, and beiges, as these shades will make your skin look paler or lighter.

Medium skin tone

People with medium skin tone usually have yellow undertones. Because of this, autumn colors, such as taupe, beige, camel, cranberry, green, olive, red, and teal blush pink, are the best choices. These colors look best with a medium skin tone. Aside from these colors, bold jewel colors also go along with medium skin tones, like ruby red, cobalt, emerald, royal violet, and more. These colors can bring the warmth of the medium skin tone.

If you have a medium skin tone, you must avoid muted pastel colors, as it would make your skin look washed out. Moreover, go for ivory instead of white and choose the shades of black that can complement darker skin features.

Dark skin tone

If your skin tone is dark, you are lucky for the color you can wear. Virtually any color can compliment dark skin tone, but if you want to look extra stunning, go with the colors that are a little warm. Pastel colors look gorgeous with dark skin. You can also go with basic bold jewel colors.

Cool skin tone

Bright colors are best for a cool skin tone. If you have this skin tone, your best choices are lavender, lilac, purple, reddish pink, ruby, bright rose, and bright blues. You can also wear neutral colors, such as navy blue, grey, and pristine yellow. Stay away from oranges and yellows.

Warm skin tone

Red, golden yellow, amber, and orange are the best colors if you have a warm skin tone. You may also choose warmer shades of blue, green, and turquoise, as well as neutrals, such as latte, taupe, white, and cream. Avoid wearing colors like cooler shades of blue and green, brought reads, and icy shades.

Neutral skin tone

Cool and warm shades suit neutral skin tone very well. However, bright colors should be avoided. Choose colors that are not too pale and not too bright, such as sage green, dusty pink, or placid blue, as they complement the neutral skin tone. Grey, taupe, and off-white also look good with this skin tone.

Dusky skin tone

Most Indians have this skin tone. If you have a dusky skin tone, it is recommended for you to choose emerald green, cobalt blue, magenta and orange, golden and grey, earthy green, maroon, and mustard yellow.

These are the dark and bright shades that can make your skin pop and glow. Stay away from light colors, such as bright yellow, orange, or white. Regardless of your skin tone, buying a hijab online is always the best choice. Online stores offer unlimited choices where you can find hijabs in various designs and colors.

Hijabs are highly fashionable, but you have to make sure to choose the right colors based on your skin tone and wear them properly and confidently.