NiFT Leading the Charge in Electric Vehicle Engineering Services: Pioneering the Future of Automotive Innovation

Belleville, Michigan – In the quest to revolutionize the future of transportation, NiFT stands at the forefront of electric vehicle engineering services. Founded by visionary leader Shane Elwart, NiFT is on a mission to democratize autonomous, sustainable, accessible, and affordable vehicles.

Shane Elwart, the driving force behind NiFT, is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of automotive innovation. He designed and demonstrated a purpose-built autonomous, electric, and accessible vehicle in just over 100 days. This remarkable feat exemplifies NiFT’s commitment to making cutting-edge transportation solutions accessible to all.

Before establishing NiFT, Shane served as the Deputy Chief Engineer for Autonomous Driving Systems at American HAVAL Motor Technology, where he led a global team in developing an SAE Level 4 Autonomous Driving System. His creative leadership and ability to foster collaboration across disciplines set him apart in the industry.

Shane’s extensive experience includes various control systems development assignments at Ford Motor Company, where he played a pivotal role in projects ranging from Automatic Start-Stop integration to by-wiring Ford’s Autonomous Vehicle Platform.

One of his most notable contributions is the creation of “Drive History,” a groundbreaking mapping and machine learning technology supporting SAE Level 2 Autonomous Driving features. This technology has redefined real-time mapping, localization, and online attribute learning.

Shane’s dedication to innovation extends beyond individual achievements. Together with his team, they boast an impressive record of around 100 issued patents, including Ford’s prestigious Technical Achievement Award and the Henry Ford Technology Award for the development of Ford’s Trailer Backup Assist.

As electric vehicles (EVs) surge to the forefront of the automotive industry, NiFT is committed to shaping the future. Recent developments in EV engineering services highlight the industry’s top trends, from advanced creative design to intelligent vehicles, increased range, growing EV production, electrification of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, and accelerated EV innovation.

NiFT is not just leading the charge; it’s setting the pace for electric vehicle engineering services. With a visionary leader like Shane Elwart at the helm, NiFT is poised to transform the way the world thinks about transportation.

About NiFT

NiFT is a visionary company dedicated to democratizing autonomous, sustainable, accessible, and affordable vehicles. With a focus on electric vehicle engineering services and cutting-edge innovation, NiFT is shaping the future of transportation.


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