Obtain Long-Lasting Relief From Joint Pain With Joint Injections

You can experience joint pain from fatigue or sitting in a specific position for an extended period, and it goes away after a while. However, if your pain persists or worsens, you may have chronic joint pain, prompting you to seek medical attention. The Generations Family Practice team offers Cary joint injections, which relieve joint pain and inflammation, improving your mobility.

What should you know about joint injections?

A joint injection is a noninvasive medical technique that temporarily relieves pain and discomfort in an inflamed joint. These injections can also reduce swelling and improve joint lubrication, restoring your mobility. You may experience joint pain due to injury, fatigue, or underlying disorders such as arthritis. Before administering a joint injection, your provider first examines you to determine if the pain emanates from the joint.

Everyone experiences joint pain once in a while, but if the pain persists even after taking over-the-counter pain relievers and adequate rest, you may need medical assistance. The Generations Family Practice specialists offer long-lasting relief for all types of chronic joint pain.

How can you know if you are eligible for joint injections?

Your provider conducts a comprehensive physical exam during your appointment, including checking the affected joint for swelling and tenderness. Your physician may also review your health history to determine if you may have a genetic disorder contributing to your joint pain. The team at Generations Family Practice may order digital imaging such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and ultrasounds to understand your condition better.

If your pain is due to age-related wear and tear, gout, sports injury, or arthritis, you may benefit from joint injections. If you are pregnant, have bleeding problems, or have an infection, you may not be eligible for this treatment. The specialists personalize your treatment to ensure your joint is in optimal health.

From what types of joint injections can you benefit?

Your treatment often depends on the severity and trigger of your pain and discomfort. The team prescribes these injections to relieve joint pain and inflammation for chronic conditions in most cases. You may benefit from the following joint injections:

  •  Hyaluronic acid injections

Your provider may recommend these injections in case corticosteroid injections fail to work. If you also have diabetes, hyaluronic injections may be the proper treatment because they don’t interfere with your sugar levels, unlike corticosteroids. These injections improve joint lubrication, relieving your pain.

  • Corticosteroid injections

Your doctor may combine these injections with an anesthetic to relieve the pain resulting from flare-ups of arthritis symptoms.

  • Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections

Your provider draws a blood sample and separates the growth factors from your plasma to create novel platelet-rich plasma injections. These injections stimulate your body’s natural healing powers, quickening your recovery. Platelet-rich plasma injections rarely cause any complications because your doctor uses your blood rather than a donor.

If you struggle with joint pain that worsens over time, you may benefit from joint injections. Call the Generations Family Practice office or schedule an appointment online to explore the dramatic effects of joint injections.