Odour Control and Treatment

Carpets tend to magnify the beauty of any room they are placed in, which is why they also require daily cleaning and maintenance. Proper cleaning of carpets is easily observed domestically where people use vacuums and detergents to clean and wash them from time to time. However, sometimes accidents like spilling of food and drinks or cooking with spices can cause an unpleasant smell in carpets that you just cannot seem to get rid of. Moreover, if you are a pet lover and owner, the problem becomes twice more frequent and difficult, especially if pets urinate or roll around on the carpet while being dirty.

Some other reasons for bad odour in carpets include substances dragged inside by means of feet, both animal and human, food odours, smoke odours and presence bacterial. Bacterial odours are often left behind after water affects carpets and is left unattended. Water and pet residue both are not easy to clean since they penetrate deep into the layers of the carpet. However, you should not let this worry you since Flood Restorers offers Odour Control and Treatment services specifically for your comfort.

At Flood Restorers, we take great pride in our ability to successfully treat and professionally remove carpet odours which may prevail due to any reason. We are able to achieve this through a combination of state of the art equipment along with the highly skilled professionals of our team.

The presence of pungent odours is not only irritating for the sense of smell but can also lead to health and respiratory issues. Unpleasant odours can cause headaches, nausea and discomfort. Whereby, long term exposure to pungent odours can prove to be fatal for the health of individuals.

Quite a few methods to remove stains and eradicate odours from carpets domestically exist which involve the use of detergents, special cleaning solutions and exposure to sunlight.

However, the results of these methods are short lived. 

Certain odours are embedded so deep within the carpet layers that, even though they may be temporarily mitigated, they resurface over time; this is what we are here for!

Calling professionals not only help in getting a long-lasting treatment for your carpet odor problems but also saves your time since it is a time consuming and complex procedure. Therefore, instead of stressing over the treatment of your carpets, contact Flood Restorers and avail our efficient Odour Control and Treatment Services