Old World Charm on the Modern Palate: 5 Masalas You Must Have At Home!

Ever wondered why the food of Maharashtra is so delicious and fresh? Here’s the secret straight from Aaji’s kitchen! In Maharashtra, every dish has a unique spice mix. Most of these are made up of fresh ingredients sourced from the regions of Maharashtra to retain their rustic charm. Stocking up on these masalas will bring back a nostalgic old-world charm into your modern kitchen. Finding the right ingredients and mixing them in the right proportion might get a little challenging. In that case, you can easily order them online from Aazol – an authentic Maharashtrian food site. 

Once you’ve got your ingredients in place, it’s time to take a look at some of these must-have Maharashtrian masalas – 

Goda Masala  

Goda masala is a favourite of all those who love authentic Marathi cuisine. The mild sweet aftertaste of the aromatic blend of spices elevates everyday dishes like Matkachi Usal and Bharli Vaangi. The origins of the Goda Masala can be traced back to the kitchens of the Puneri Brahmins, but now it is widely used across the state. It is made from a blend of whole spices (garam masala) with red chili, coconut, sesame, and oil.

Bottle Masala

The recipe of the Bottle Masala long remained a secret in East Indian families of Greater Mumbai and Konkan. And then it became a favourite of Maharashtrian food lovers. This premium masala is a blend of 28 different spices and has a deep orange-red hue. It is the perfect spice addition to dishes like East Indian Pork Sarpatel and Mutton Lonvas. 

Ghaati Masala

As the name suggests, Ghaati Masala gives us a clear idea of where this unique spice blend is from – it is made from the indigenous spices of the Western Ghats. With a mix of red chilli, coriander, clove, black pepper, cinnamon, and sesame added to garam masala spices, this blend is perfect for Gavran Kombdi Rassa (village-style chicken curry), Batata Bhaji, Vada Pav, and several other recipes.

Malvani Masala

The Malvani Masala finds its origins in the Malvan Taluka of the Konkan Coast. The spice blend has all the traditional elements of coastal cuisine. Give your modern dishes a classic twist with this unique blend of spices. Cook up a storm with Malvani favourites such as Chicken Sagoti, Batata Katrya Chi Bhaji, or Kalya Vaatanyacha Sambar (black pea sambar) with this masala.

Kala Masala

This black-brown masala is another staple in every Maharashtrian kitchen. Made from red chilli, onion, ginger, garlic, white sesame, clove, and black pepper, this smoky masala is a Khandeshi special. It makes the perfect addition to Khandeshi Vangyache Bharit as well as Mutton Rassa.