Huawei Nova 3 Or Huawei P20 Pro Which To Buy

Today, every mobile user across the globe wish to buy a flagship mobile which features latest features and specs. The reason found behind it is that many consumers make their smartphone as a fashion symbol nowadays, for which owning a flagship and stylish phone of a known mobile phone manufacturer is a must. For such […]


Nokia C9 or iPhone 5 Concept

Nokia C9 and iPhone 5 are the two flagship smartphones from the two tech giants. While iPhone 5 was released much earlier, Nokia released their C9 in 2017. And with its first look, our impression was quite stupendous. Nokia C9 concept looks like iPhone 5 with a bigger display and less bezel. So, today we […]


How to Wash Your Car with a Pressure Washer

Our cars serve us like a captain, a thankless job. So, it is necessary to take care of them too. This taking care includes cleaning the interior and exterior parts. Although, it is a tiresome job, using a pressure washer to do it makes the job very easy. We can easily clean our favourite cars […]



GPA is becoming one of the most common ways to grade bachelors or masters students. GPA or grade point average is referred to as the easiest method of grading and hence, once you enroll into a university, you usually are graded under the GPA system. Many students are not aware of the GPA system before […]

Health & Beauty

Tips to Make Your Hair Thinner

Nowadays, we fall into the trap of a quick fix trying to skip the in between in the effort to save time. As life often teaches us, some things you just can’t rush. If your situation is dire you should consult your primary doctor to verify if you are not suffering from anything internally that […]