Photorealistic Renders Vs Google Sketch UP8

3D rendering services have become so popular in the world of real estate because of the convenience it offers in dealing with clients. When an architectural design is presented in 3D rendered images, it became easier for the company to market and sells the property in the construction process.

The photorealistic software program helps to design the models of construction projects. The presentation prepared with 3D rendering services looks sophisticated and realistic. On the other hand, SketchUp is a 3D modeling computer program for a wide range of drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film and video game design. Here, we will discuss what SketchUp does and find out why photorealistic programs can be a better choice.

Let’s see what Sketch Up can do for construction projects.

What is Sketchup and How it is Used

SketchUp is used by 3D rendering service providers for a variety of tasks. It is useful modelling software that is used to create 3D models. SketchUp is easy for beginners; there is no need for skill and experience to use this tool. Any kind of graphics can be easily created without any expertise. It just requires an image or an idea to be converted into beautiful graphics. It is used for drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film and video game design. But there is no photorealistic effect in its animation and graphics.

What is the PhotoRealistic Rendering Program?

Many Photorealistic rendering programs have entered the market with outstanding features. Sometimes, the outcome those rendering software programs deliver is better than our expectations. These tools have simplified the work of engineers, designers, architects, contractors, and clients. That’s why many software engineers and technicians are putting a lot of time and effort into making these programs better than the previous one. It has reduced the hassle of the entire team working on construction projects. Clients get a much better experience while getting the virtual tour of the property.  3D rendering software programs do a better job than SketchUp because it gives a cleaner and realistic look to images.

There is also the role of rendering experts in creating incredible graphics but still, it’s has become possible because of these software programs. Instead of SketchUp, people are proffering to use photorealistic rendering programs because it gives more depth to images. The rendered models become more attractive and clear than images created with SketchUp.

3D Product Rendering Software Programs 

Nowadays, software engineers have designed a lot of excellent 3D rendering software programs. These software programs are easy to use; it does not need the expertise to work on these programs. It smoothly creates the presentation without consuming an enormous amount of time and effort. These are the top programs being sued for the 3D rendering of architectural projects. These programs are used on a huge basis in real estate. With the help of these rendering programs, photorealistic images can be easily created.

These are the top 8 Programs

  • 3D Max
  • Blender 3D
  • Keyshot
  • Maya
  • Modo
  • Maxwell
  • Lumion
  • Toolbag

On top of that, these are affordable software programs which are also used in various other things apart from 3d rendering. You can get instant outcomes using these rendering programs. Beginners can easily use all these programs without getting any difficulties. Their multifunctional animation gives an excellent look at 3D images.

Role of PLUG-IN in Photorealistic Rendering Program

Plug-in is used to define different functionality in a program. There are many additional functions in software programs that are activated by installing plugins. With the help of plug-ins, one can customize a software program according to one’s needs because not everyone has the same requirement of work. One can install selected plug-ins in his program and maximize the quality of the outcome. 

Use of Photoshop in Rendering Images 

There are a lot of things that are slightly difficult to do with Photorealistic rendering software. Those things can be easily done with Photoshop. Sometimes, making a little change in photorealistic rendering programs can be intimidating; in that case, photoshop is used instead of it. Photoshop is used to sharpen the rendered images, even if the outcome of photorealistic rendering software is impressive.  Photoshop software enhances the 3D rendering images by giving more clarity and depth to images. Anything difficult to do with photorealistic rendering programs is done using photoshop to left no stone unturned in the presentation.