Pokemon Ingo: Everything To Know About

Subway Boss Ingo is a character that first appeared in Pokemon Black and White Version. He is the boss the player battles when challenging the Single Battle line of the Battle Subway. He is Subway Boss Emmet’s identical twin brother. In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Ingo was forcefully sent back in time by the space-time rift to the Hisui region, suffering from extreme memory loss as a result. He subsequently became a Pearl Clan member, the warden who watches over Sneasler and eventually regained some of his memories after meeting the player.

Pokemon Ingo Appearance

Pokemon Ingo is extremely tall and very slender (ectomorphic) with pale skin and silver hair with locks shaped like lightning bolts that curve over either side of his face. Despite his silvery hair, Ingo appears young. He has penetrating semi-circular catlike eyes with silver irises. He wears a tall black conductor’s cap and a long, high-collared black trench coat with large silver buttons and large cylindrical cuffs on the sleeves; the cuffs have silver trim on either side and have black and brown stripes in the center. His unique trench coat has horizontal brown stripes and vertical silver stripes; this pattern resembles a railroad track when viewed from all sides.

Beneath his coat he wears a formal white dress shirt, a blue necktie, black dress pants, and black shoes. He wears white gloves on his hands. After spending several years in Hisui, Ingo appears to have aged, having a goatee, a more lethargically serious face, and dimmer eyes. His hat is scathed and his trench coat has become loose, unbuttoned and tattered with holes. His dress shirt has been replaced with the Pearl Clan uniform. Without his hat, he is revealed to have a receded hairline and therefore a half bald head.

Pokemon Ingo Personality

Ingo is a wise and mysterious subway train conductor. He is the elder twin brother of Emmet; thus, he is more serious and stoical by nature. He is seen with a stoical frown on his face, and he seems to be very wise and calm, giving the player advice and encouragement when challenged in the Battle Subway. Upon suffering from severe memory loss, he appears to have become more ragged and fatigued, as well as even more devoided of joy and morose, but still retains his seriousness and stoicism.

Pokemon Ingo Biography

  • Black and White

After 21 consecutive wins in the Battle Subway, Ingo will challenge the player. He has 3 Pokémon when fighting the player. After 48 consecutive battles in all, he will challenge the player again, with even stronger Pokémon. In Multi-battle, Both Ingo and Emmet will fight the player, again 21 battles, and then 48 (Pokemon Ingo).

  • Black 2 and White 2
Pokemon Ingo
Best of Pokemon Ingo

He has the same role as he did in Black and White. Though additionally he and Emmet get to fight with the player’s counterpart as well.

Legends: Arceus

Due to unknown reasons, Ingo was separated from Emmet and was transported to Hisui through the space-time rift, resulting in his severe memory loss and only remembers his own name and vague memory of his Chandelure and brother. He later became a Pearl Clan member and a Warden who looks after Sneasler. After meeting the player and battling them, he regains some of his memories, recalling how in his world humans and Pokémon lived and battled together in harmony. He can be battled at the Training Ground when the player asks him to.