Practical Treatments To Conquer Allergies And Asthma

No one enjoys the watery eyes, stuffy nose, and swelling resulting from allergies and asthma attacks. These two disorders may affect your general wellness and ability to enjoy certain activities for fear of sudden asthma attacks. If your allergies and asthma attacks jeopardize your life, Bastrop asthma & allergies treatments at Premier Family Physicians may be your absolute solution.

What should you know about allergies and asthma?

Allergies are your immune system’s violent reaction to foreign substances like bee venom or pollen, usually harmless to your body. These allergens may result in sneezing or coughing fits and watery eyes. Your body may release histamine in severe cases, resulting in inflammation and swelling. As your body tries to eliminate the allergen, you may experience itchy eyes ad a runny nose.

You may experience allergic asthma if you have extra sensitive airways to specific allergens. Once your immune system detects the foreign substance, it overreacts, causing your airway muscles to tighten. This violent reaction results in the inflammation and accumulation of thick mucus in your airways, making breathing difficult.

How can you know that you have allergies or asthma?

Allergies can result in mild to extreme symptoms that may pass as medical emergencies. Each person experiences unusual reactions to allergies, but some are common. They include sneezing or coughing, diarrhea and vomiting, skin rashes or hives, itchy skin or eyes, and a congested nose. Suppose you have an asthma allergy; you may experience shortness of breath, tightness or squeezing sensation in your chest, wheezing, and coughing uncontrollably. Your symptoms may intensify during an asthma attack. A rescue inhaler may come in handy at this point.

How can you manage asthma and allergies?

Although there is no known cure for asthma and allergies, Premier Family Physicians offer treatment approaches that prevent asthma and allergy triggers. During your visit to the facility, your provider may conduct several tests to pinpoint the allergens you should avoid, including skin and blood tests. Your provider may also introduce specific allergens to your body to gauge your reaction to each one of them. This test may be uncomfortable, but it is necessary to detect substances that trigger your allergies.

After diagnosis, the team may recommend the most appropriate treatment and suggest several precautionary measures to prevent future allergies. Your doctor may inform you what substances to keep off to avoid asthma attacks and severe allergies. If it is impossible to avoid these allergens, your provider may focus on alleviating your symptoms. Your treatment plan may involve allergy shots, topical medicines or creams, allergy testing, inhaler medications, an oral antihistamine, and breathing treatments.

Dr. Chavez engages you in every step of your physical exam to identify the allergy trigger and design a care plan to restore the quality of your life. Premier Family Physicians team empowers and equips you to make minor lifestyle adjustments to minimize the severity and frequency of your asthma attacks. Allergies and asthma attacks may feel like your life is on a constant rollercoaster, but the personalized care at Premier Family Physicians restores your control over your life.

For comprehensive care, call Dr. Chavez or schedule an appointment online today.

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