Precious stones – shades of luxury and chic

Since ancient times, precious stones have been for man the subject of legends, worship, superstition, they were used to create luxury goods, for the manufacture of various talismans, because the ancients believed that each stone has an astrological significance , and it has its own energy field. At that time, there were many legends about what kind of stones can be worn and which can not be worn, who could wear them, and to whom it was completely contraindicated.

The ancient people attached great importance to cutting stones and how they combined with the frame. For some stones, strict rules were invented, some of them should be worn on a certain hand or finger.

The same applied to gifts, it was necessary to follow clearly the prescriptions about who and what stone could be presented as a gift. So, for example, astrologers of antiquity believed that with the help of agate you can get rid of sorcerers and vampires, and a grenade can bring happiness only to a single-minded and strong-willed person.

History of precious stones

Precious stones have always had a magical effect on a person, truly. About them written a lot of poems and poems, they are remembered by writers in their books, and artists are portrayed in paintings. Some stones got their name because of the medicinal properties attributed to them. For example, nephrite, “nephros” – a kidney in translation from Greek, helped with kidney diseases, and amethyst , “amethyst” – sober, not drunk, served as a talisman from drunkenness.

Many precious stones were not only silent witnesses to the great events of history, but also their direct participants. Such, for example, was a diamond, called “Shah”, which was found in 1591 in one of the regions of India and donated to the ruler of the principality of Ahmednagar. The rulers were replaced one after another, and the precious stone passed from the hands of one owner to the hands of another, on the stone appeared inscriptions of their names. Then the diamond was in St. Petersburg, since the Shah of Iran sent him as a gift to the Russian Tsar after the assassination of Russian diplomat AS Griboyedov in Tehran, in order to soften the king’s wrath.

Precious stones to this day, are able to fill the souls of people with special trepidation. Almost every woman dreams of receiving a gift, decorated with them. Just as in ancient times, and in our time there are several basic rules on which to choose jewelry.

Basic rules for the selection of jewelry

Do not buy jewelry, which you saw in the brochure or commercial on TV. Jewelry, just like a new dress, you need to measure, sometimes even a few times. Do not aspire to buy a large product that is conspicuous, a neat jewelry is much better looked, besides, the thing should cause the desire to wear the product every day, without removing, that is, it should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable.

Many ornaments to buy, too, is not advisable, let it be one or two things, but qualitative and worthwhile. Remember that fashion is changeable, and if yesterday the preference of a celebrity was given to a necklace, then tomorrow it can be bracelets. Create a diamond wardrobe is recommended with earrings. Items such as rings and earrings are almost always relevant, besides, the earrings really serve as decoration, because they will be next to the face, they will immediately attract attention.

Jewelry should undoubtedly approach the external image and style of a woman, and it is also very important when choosing an ornament to take into account the nature and individual characteristics of a person. For example, for a romantic, sophisticated nature, a heart-shaped pendant, a necklace or a ring that has a stone with a heart-shaped cut is perfect. A business, reserved lady will like the taste of classic rings with one diamond or earrings – carnations with diamonds. A cheerful, energetic, carefree mischievous will like jewelry in the form of butterflies, dolphins, flowers. From the purchase of trendy and modern designer jewelry patterns it is worth to refrain.

Selection of jewelry, especially earrings, should be in accordance with the color of the hair and eyes, the shape of the face. An important role here is played by the woman’s age.

When buying jewelry, you should be extremely careful, carefully inspect the product to avoid fakes. You can make sure of its quality by using a sample printed on the inside of the jewelry, as well as the method of attaching precious stones. The factory method of fixing the stone differs significantly from the artisanal one, and this difference almost immediately catches the eye. Reliably to be convinced in originality of a product the consultation of the jeweler will help.

Choosing an ornament for yourself, you should feel it, if it is yours, then you will certainly feel how the soul is filled with joy and special trepidation – this is perhaps the most important criterion in the selection of jewelry, because jewelry has long attracted us with its magic and mystery.