Prevalent Dental Emergencies That Need the Attention of an After Hours Dentist


Dental emergencies can happen at any time anywhere. Perhaps, you might have accidentally bumped your jaw area that caused trauma on some of your teeth. Or, your child might have received a bicycle during the holidays only to take a tumble later on.

Typically, a trip to the dentist requires you to book an appointment ahead of time. But for emergencies, you could not afford to wait long to receive attention.

This is where the services of an after hours dentist comes in handy. They can accommodate you in the least possible time and provide you with the relief that you need.

Dental Problems That Necessitate Immediate Attention of a Dentist

Dental issues come in many forms. While some can be managed by taking over-the-counter medicines or reinforcing oral hygiene practices, others need extensive treatment by a dentist.

Here are prevalent examples that require you to seek help from an after hours dentist right away.

Bleeding That Comes with Severe Pain

In most cases, this is caused by an injury to the gums, which usually displaces a tooth or two. The earlier you have this problem treated, the better your chances of saving your tooth.

Apart from injury, gingivitis can also cause this problem. With the help of an emergency dentist, you can catch the issue at its early stage and prevent it from worsening.

Swollen Jaw

This could be an indication of certain dental conditions, such as pericoronitis, which is a condition that results from an erupted wisdom tooth. This can cause severe pain that can only be treated by a dentist.

So, if you notice an appearance of swelling on your jaw, do not ignore it and contact a dental clinic as soon as possible.

Impacted Wisdom Tooth That Is Starting to Ache

A problematic wisdom tooth can cause pain that is difficult to bear. The pain can hinder you from performing your daily activities normally and can even leave you sleepless during the night. So, if you have this problem, you should get a wisdom teeth removal Brisbane or other Australian dental clinics have to offer.


This is a severe tooth infection that has reached the root, causing severe pain, tooth sensitivity, swelling, inflammation, and high fever. This condition requires urgent attention by a dentist due to the fact that the infection can spread to your jaw and other areas of the face, leading to more complicated problems.

Treatments for dental abscess include tooth extraction, fillings, and root canal, along with antibiotics and pain relievers to alleviate the symptoms.

Loose Tooth

This can be caused by various reasons. It could be that you had been in an accident or you had chewed on hard food. Regardless of the cause, you should not ignore this problem. More often than not, a loose tooth can be saved, but only if you have it fixed right away.

Knocked-Out Tooth

You may not know it, but a knocked-out tooth can also be saved by having a dentist re-insert it. So, when you experience this situation, pick your tooth up carefully and bring it immediately to the clinic for the needed procedure.        

Contacting a Dentist During Dental Emergencies


The internet has made it so much easier to find an emergency dentist wherever you are in Australia. So, when you are starting to experience intense pain due to an impacted wisdom tooth, you can quickly find a clinic by doing a “wisdom teeth removal near me” search online. The same thing can be done for any dental emergency that you might have.

Of course, if you already have a dentist, you can call them directly for the attention that you need. Even if they do not offer after-hours services, they can surely recommend you to a clinic that does.  

Cost of After-Hours Dental Services

Like the teeth whitening dentist cost and that of any other dental services, the price that you have to pay for emergency dental treatments will largely depend on how much your dentist will charge you. Of course, it varies with the problem you have and the type of treatment it requires. Regardless, the average cost could run from $200 for a single extraction to $600 for a laser root canal procedure, on top of the consultation fee.

To know exactly how much you are going to pay for a certain dental emergency, you should ask the dentist during your visit to the clinic.


The importance of seeking out the services of an after hours dentist cannot be stressed enough. Neglecting to have serious dental problems treated right away might have a permanent impact on your oral health. Not only that, but it can also alter your facial appearance that could pull your confidence level down.

So, when you experience any of the situations listed above, do not wait for tomorrow and book an appointment with an emergency dentist thereupon. If you’re looking for other types of dental service, we recommend that you check out this link for teeth bleaching or Dental Implants in Colorado Springs.

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