Problems that can impact businesses of any size and how to deal with them

Every business no matter how big, how well-known or how successful will have problems. How a business deals with these problems can decide the future of the business. It’s highly important not only business owners but also employees are aware of potential problems and how to handle them. This will not only ensure long-term security in terms of finance, it will also ensure your company is prepared for problems when as it grows.


Staffing problems can impact any business. If a large company losses a long term member of staff, they can find it very hard to replace this person as experience of both the company and customer base alongside industry talent is difficult to find. Small companies can be equally impacted by losing a staff member as this can have a huge impact on a rota system and even the relationship the company has with customers. To avoid staffing issue in any business it is important to plan. Big businesses should ensure a ladder system is in place to ensure if someone does leave the company, the role can be filled by someone who has experience in the business. Small businesses can utilise part-time members of staff, not only will this ensure there is no financial strain of paying full time wages, it will also create the opportunity for the business to see the work ethic of staff members before offering full-time roles in the company.

Environmental hazards

No matter how big a business is, it is impossible to control the environment. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put in prevention methods to ensure minimal business is lost in the case of an environmental emergency. Fires and floods are emergency’s that can impact any business. Not having a proper plan to deal with these events will not only lead to the potential danger to staff and customers. It will also lead to further losses due to stock being destroyed and customers not being able to access your physical store due to a long closure. One way to prevent a long closure of your store and ensure your store is able return to business while being safe for staff and customers is to contact a professional cleaning company.   A company such as CleanSafe will ensure environmental hazards have a minimal impact on your business, alongside an emergency plan your business should be able to recover from any environmental hazard and return to business.


Every business needs to market themselves. The world’s biggest brands and the newest start-up all need customers to be aware they exist in order to make conversions. Big businesses are able to employ large marketing teams who’s role in the company will be to exposure the brand to as many potential customers as possible, however this is not always successful. In order to combat the problem of unsuccessful marketing, it is a good idea to hire a marketing agency. An agency will bring fresh ideas to the business, most likely will have knowledge of your industry and can offer some advice from outside the business which is crucial. Smaller businesses may not have the time or resources to do any marketing. Use’s social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram can be a good way to show off any new products. Hiring an intern (some can be unpaid) can be a cost effective way to ensure you have time to focus on your customer while the marketing ideas are taken care off. Bringing someone new to a small business just to focus on one element can be a good long term investment too, as this person may be an ideal member of full time staff once the business grows in size.