RBI Assistant: What Is The Promotion Procedure?

Have you been contemplating how you will be promoted once you clear the RBI Grade B exam? You are in the right section as we are going to share a lot of important information regarding this.

A Glance To Work Profile Of RBI Assistant –

Does RBI need any introduction? We all know it is a reputed name in the field. It is regarded as being a banker to other banks working all around the country. You might be wondering what sort of job duties an RBI Assistant performs. Here, we are going to focus on this section. Once you are hired for this post, you will be responsible to perform different types of duties. They are hired to impart required support in various sections of RBI offices. Being an assistant, you will be responsible to carry out great responsibilities. Let us understand what they generally do –

  • You will be responsible to do different types of work including collecting the file work-oriented receipts. You will also be assigned regarding the ledger maintenance. Moreover, balance tally could also be another task on your list.
  • Your job profile can also include a task called data entry. Moreover, it is all about doing digitized tasks. We all know how speedily technology is growing so fast. And that is why banks are following the same. Talking about data entry tasks, you will be responsible to do a variety of tasks such as currency issues, circulations, and transactions.
  • You will also be chosen to do different types of banking related to document verification.
  • Being an assistant on such a good post, you will also be keeping a close eye on financial stability.
  • Apart from it, you might also be attending Government Treasury Work Related work.
  • You will also be indulged into doing mail-related work. You probably are replying to emails. Every day several emails do come in Inbox and they need to be answered. Being an assistant, you would be doing this work. You need to read those emails and answer them accordingly.

What About The RBI Assistant Scope Regarding Promotion –

Once you get hired being an assistant, you will be having several opportunities to get promoted. Have you been contemplating how it is done? There are two steps. Let’s understand in a detailed manner –

  • Assistant to Grade A
  • Grade A to Grade B

Here, it needs to understand that your promotion to Grade “B” will be a dynamic matter-oriented thing. It includes various other guidelines too. If you are just an assistant and want to get promoted to the next level called Grade A then you are required to apply for this. Yes, this is called a promotion test and you would be needed to appear in that. However, you will be eligible only when you cater for an ideal period to this service. Moreover, the duration to get a promotion oriented exam should be a minimum of 3 years.

To put it in simple words, promotions are organized every 3 years. If you want to get promoted, you will be needed to attend the exam. Let us check out what are those two ways to get promoted to Grade A level –

  • Promotion Following The Normal Process – If you go with Normal Process, it means you need to appear in the written exam. The written exam will be conducted following your experience as well as seniority in that particular bank job duty. Once you clear this exam then you will be hired being an officer.
  • Promotion Following The Merit Basis Process – This process is all about merit oriented in which you need to cater at least 3 years being a clerk. You also need to hold a JAIIB and CAIIB diploma from a recognized IIBF institute along with a graduate or PG certificate.

The next on the list is all about promotion from Grade A to Grade B Level. First, it needs to understand that there is no kind of particular pattern of RBI. Sometimes RBI conducts an internal examination while sometimes it could be tenure-based only. Therefore, there is no particular pattern to follow. It keeps varying accordingly. Moreover, the same thing goes with other levels too.

In The Last – We wish you the best of luck with your future job and promotion. So, what are you waiting for? Get indulged in the procedure.