Reasons for an Obstetrics Gynecologist During Pregnancy

After you receive confirmation that you are pregnant, the next thing to do is identify a  qualified obstetrics gynecologist who will take you through the pregnancy. Most women who have taken charge of their reproductive health have a personal obstetrics gynecologist. During pregnancy, the health of the mother matters for the well-being of the fetus. The OBGYN Trinity Florida, walks the pregnancy journey with you to cover all peradventure and risks associated with childbearing. The article will discuss why every pregnant woman should have a personal obstetrics gynecologist.

Services are offered during pregnancy.

The obstetrics gynecologist assists women carrying the child in understanding possible risks that can interfere with the child’s normal development. They act as health educators for the expectant mothers. The mother learns about possible warning signs that warrant immediate medical attention. Also, the specialist discusses with the mother the growth and development of the baby. For instance, they advise the mother on what to expect during the different stages of pregnancy.

The specialist schedules prenatal clinics to regularly evaluate the health status of the mother and the child. The doctor conducts tests and imaging to confirm the mother and the fetus are healthy during the clinic. Also, they educate and support the mothers to make nutritional and lifestyle changes to support a healthy pregnancy. Obstetrics gynecologist discusses with the mother about delivery options available.

Further, the specialist detects any possible complications associated with the pregnancy and offers necessary interventions. For instance, you might suffer from pregnancy-induced blood pressure when you are pregnant. It is the role of your obstetrics gynecologist to manage the condition until you deliver. The specialist will also advise you on the tentative due date and how you can prepare for delivery. Also, the specialist ensures that they can monitor the fetal heart rate and, in case the fetus is at risk,  take you through emergency interventions.

Services During Childbirth

It is the role of an obstetrics gynecologist to ensure that you deliver your baby safely. Therefore, you will already have decided whether you want a vaginal birth or a cesarean section on the due date. The obstetrics gynecologist will conduct the birth process with professionalism and care. After you deliver the baby, they will monitor the baby for any congenital disabilities before giving the baby to you.

Role After Pregnancy

The work of an obstetrics gynecologist does not come to an end immediately after you give birth. They will offer postnatal services, which involve recommending a pediatrician to track the baby’s health. More so, they will offer you family planning services and postnatal services. The obstetrics gynecologist will advise you on taking care of your health after birth to ensure that any wounds heal.

Securing the services of an obstetrics gynecologist becomes important in securing your health and that of your baby during pregnancy. Wanda Torres MD, FACOG, is an obstetrics gynecologist who works with a team of certified nurse-midwives to offer customized service to pregnant women in their Suncoast Women’s Care facility. Do not take the pregnancy alone. Call to book an appointment today.