Reasons to Pursue Career in Agriculture

“Agriculture for an honorable and high-minded man is the best of all occupations or arts by which men procure the means of living.”- Xenophon

India is widely known as an agricultural nation with good climate that supports growth, variety and diversity. Agriculture is a traditional practice and is the key to sustenance of human being on Earth. The way we do farming has changed drastically in the recent times due to the introduction of technology. If you want to pursue your career in a domain that touches all the disciplines including science and arts, and that will help people all around the world, then studying agriculture might be the best for you.

Here we are going to discuss a few reasons, why studying agriculture can be an ideal career for you:

Being Indian

India is known as one of the major producers of agricultural products like pulses, spices, fruits, milk and vegetables. It opens the doorways of opportunities for the people studying agriculture. As an agricultural scientist, engineer or a professional of this disciple you could contribute to the development of the nation and its population by increasing yield and providing healthier food products.

Different from the Trend

Today, when excessive focus is given to medical and engineering, agriculture has emerged as a lucrative alternative. Choosing a less taken career is beneficial due to lack of awareness regarding its significance, which means the competition is less.

Huge Scope

The scope of agricultural studies has widened with the advancement in technology and supportive government policies. Students can pursue higher studies from Top Agriculture Colleges In India and go on to get a higher degree in Rural Business Management, Biotechnology, etc.

Help the Environment

As the condition of the environment is deteriorating at a fast pace, it is impossible to save it without people getting engaged in agriculture and forestry. Hence, with more and more students taking agriculture as a career, there will be more chances of safeguarding the environment.

Rich Curriculum

Under agriculture studies students get a wide curriculum to study which includes plant physiology, food chemistry, agriculture science, applications of biotechnology, water resource management, food processing, etc. It gives you a brief impression of several branches under agriculture and allows you to focus on your area of interest.


With the advent of modern technology in the domain of agriculture, there are a lot of opportunities for raising the farming standards. For people, who want to make a difference to the world, agriculture can be a suitable career option. To learn about the new technological advancements in the field of farming, students can take a degree in crop-cultivation from the top agriculture colleges in Uttarakhand. It will impart them with the knowledge of all the innovations made in the arena of agriculture.