Solitaire Engagement Rings and 105 Reasons To Buy Them

Even though solitaire engagement rings have, by nature, a traditional timeless look that people have treasured for generations, every few years a designer is brave enough to try and make an adjustment to the style. Sometimes, it is something as subtle as using a newer precious metal, substituting the gold or silver with platinum or palladium. Other times, the change is so profound that it shakes up the industry and becomes the newest standard by which all other rings are measured. Such is the case with the Phantom diamond cut.

Diamond engagement rings have always featured different styles of cuts, but mostly those were dictated by the shape and the size of the diamond in question. Some of the standard simple designs included such styles as the round, the princess, the emerald and the pear. Jewelers learned that the more cuts, or facets, that they could get on a diamond, the more the diamond would sparkle. The modern standard was set in 1919 with 58 facets. This was the ring that most people would choose. Until today.


“When the Phantom cut came out, we knew that it would easily become the most popular choice for couples looking to get married,” said top jewelers in USA, owner of top jewelry sites. “As a company that has specialized almost exclusively in engagement rings and wedding bands since we first opened in 1935, we have the experience to recognize a game changer when we saw it, and the Phantom cut is definitely it. Even without any formal training, all a person has to do is compare one of those rings to a classic style ring and the difference is obvious.”


What the Phantom cut makes for such exciting new solitaire engagement rings is that instead of 58 facets it has 105, almost twice as many facets as the look most over rings offer. The advantage of such an increase is that it makes the smaller, more affordable engagement rings shine and sparkle like traditional diamonds that would cost twice as much. This new design offers every bride and groom-to-be, regardless of their budget, the opportunity to make sure the ring that she wears for the rest of her life is the same ring she has always dreamed about.