Rules To Know Before You Rent A Car In Dubai

Car rentals have become truly very common in Dubai in recent times. The residents of Dubai usually choose to rent rather than purchase their cars. It’s accessible enough as if you rent a car; it allows you to drive a diversity of freshly introduced and advanced models. 

But before locking Al Quoz car rental services, it’s important to know the common UAE driving rules and regulations. Similarly, you must know the common policy maximum companies set for renting a car in Dubai. 

Here we are explaining some rules and regulations normally offered by car rental companies in Dubai. You must know them before renting. Otherwise, you can get into trouble or get prepared for a huge bill. 

Driving Boundaries:

Before driving your car around the megacity, conform to the geographical limits in which the car is permitted to be driven. UAE and Dubai laws are very strict about driving a rented car outside the allowed boundaries. Taking your car outside the UAE and crossing boundaries is strictly banned. 

However, if you wish to take a rental car across the boundary of the UAE, some car rentals permit you to drive to nearby nations with their franchises. However, you may get into extreme complications and get heavily fined if you break these rules and regulations and drive outside the geographical boundary. 

Insurance Policy And Eligibility:

Before renting a car, remember that Insurance Policies won’t cover any car damage or loss. Hence, when completing your deal, please give it a read and make sure you know what’s written in the insurance policy. 

Furthermore, it would be best if you met the eligibility conditions. To drive a rented car in Dubai, you need to be at least 21 years old, and your driving license should be six months older. However, if you have a driving license from an eligible nation or an international driving license, then you can drive in the UAE. 

Accidents and Damage: 

However, if you detect any fault, damage or improper functioning in the car shortly after renting it, delaying in similar cases can create trouble for you as the car rental firm will charge you for it! 

In case of an accident, you must first report it to the police instantly. Damage to the car wouldn’t be the company’s fault, even if it weren’t your mistake. The company will charge you despite the reality of whose fault it was. 

Extra Charges And Deductions:

When you rent a car and settle for any extra features or installations in your car rental deal, there are generally spare charges for them. Make sure you proofread your deal to escape unexpected billing. 

In case of any traffic fine, the company will subtract the fine quantum from your security deposit or advance. Only fair and legal charges are subtracted from your quantum. 

Salik Toll Charges And Fines: 

Salik is the automated toll network prevailing in Dubai. All Salik charges will be added to the final payable quantum. Likewise, if your auto car is assessed with a fine – say you parked incorrectly or were caught driving without your seatbelt on- the fine will also be added to the bill you will have to pay. 

 Security Deposit: 

A security deposit is a standard rehearsal on all rental cars. So if you’re renting a car in Dubai, be prepared to pay a security deposit. The smart way is to stop a certain circumstance on your credit card; this blocked quantum is then ‘unblocked’ when you return the car without incident to the car rental company. 

Additional Facilities Charges:

Additional charges are applied for facilities like a driver, navigation system etc.

Read Company Policy Clearly:

Like everywhere, you should read the company’s policy before renting a car in Dubai. 

A Bonus Tip: 

In case you’re looking to rent a car in Dubai, don’t settle with the first car rental company you come through. Their proposal may be high than the market rate. The car may not even be their own but is sub-leased by a partner car rental firm. In this case, you’d be intentionally paying a premium(or commission). You can search online to discover smart car rental offers in Dubai. 

Final Thoughts

So finally, you’re aware of the basic rules required to be considered before you rent a car. Now you can rent free from any of Dubai’s multiple car rental companies. For the best services, choose One Click Drive. Remember that while renting a car in Dubai. It’s one of the best companies that offer Silicon Oasis rent a car services. 

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