SaiVa AcadEmy: Changing World Of Information Technology

SaiVa AcadEmy, which was launched by Sushil Singh in the summer of 2019, has done a great job in terms of making a different impact in the Information Technology sector. The main purpose behind launching SaiVa AcadEmy is to provide a top-class platform for students to learn the latest programming languages.

In the last three years, they have placed over 300 students working at top multinational corporations (MNCs), while others have become a part of SaiVa SysTem, which is an Information Technology and Recruitment firm.

SaiVa AcadEmy has a three to six-month plan that works very well to make sure that a candidate learns the latest programming languages under some of the top professionals who have experience of working in the IT sector for over 10 to 30 years.
Sushil, the director of SaiVa AcadEmy, feels that it takes a systematic plan for individuals to make sure that the best IT firms hire them. However, it requires an extreme level of hard work and dedication to reach the level.

India has millions of IT graduates who need skills and jobs. They do know many things about programming languages. However, not knowing what the industry wants does play a major role in getting that dream job.

Hence, SaiVa AcadEmy works on providing candidates needed IT skills and pro-industry communication for making sure that they do get the best packages. Over 97 per cent of their students do join mega IT firms at some high-standard packages. With the help of brains behind the making of SaiVa AcadEmy and some leading IT brains, SaiVa AcadEmy came up with a formula for teaching IT frenetics programming languages in a pro-industry way.

It is indeed all about a formula. Hence, they have managed to make a platform that has helped so many job-searching students to get what they want. Sushil feels that it is crucial for everyone to provide talents right skills. Otherwise, leaders are doing injustice with the impact they can make.