Sakuragi Hanamichi: Bio, Age, Height, Career, Anime 

Sakuragi Hanamichi is the main protagonist of the series called the Slam Dunk. He is a basketball player and he plays as a Power Forward for the Shohoku High School basketball team.

Sakuragi Hanamichi: Intro

In his initial appearance on the show, Sakuragi had short, distinctive, pompadour styled red hair with fringes at the centee of his forehead. He has deep brown eyes. but, after his loss against Kainan, he shaved his hair semi-bald to symbolise his vow that Shohoku will never lose again.

He wears a dark blue standard Shohoku winter school uniform from his initial episodes until their match against Shoyo. Later in the show, he wears a white short sleeve loose shirt until he swaps to a white short sleeve openly loose button shirt. He although never wears socks. 

Sakuragi Hanamichi: Notes To Have

During basketball training, Sakuragi generally wears a blue tank top, tucked into his white shorts, and his white running shoes with two blue linings. In an episode, After his running shoes are destroyed in the end of the practice match against Ryonan, he first wore the Air Jordan 6 – “White Infrared” colourway. However later, it also got broke due to his feet size increasing together with his height so he was forced to buy another one. This time, he bought the iconic Air Jordan 1 – “Bred” colourway, which was a great pick to match Shohoku’s team colour. Later, the colour of his tank top was changed to black. His basketball jersey uniform is black and red in colour and alternately white and red.

When he was in Wakou Junior High School, his uniform was of olive green colour, but later in his flashbacks when he fought other delinquents from different schools, his uniform was seen to be purple. 

Creative Things To Have

Sakuragi Hanamichi

Initially , he only could do dunks and layups but under Akagi’s training, his rebounding prowess became very strong, in fact it was the main support for the team, which earned him another nickname now known throughout all of the Kanagawa prefecture because of this, “The king of Rebounds”. Although Sakuragi has difficulty facing off against a weak opponent as he is unable to show his true skills and abilities.In the manga, he is very short-tempered, arrogant, rude, boisterous, aggressive, and immature.

He begins regarding himself as a “genius” even though he has not learned any skill is spite of this infamous personality of his Sakuragi has a soft spot for girls and is extremely vulnerable and sensitive to them. He is very simple minded and even naïve. But he is not the one to accept loses. He is a sore loser. Sakuragi is a person with great determination and strength. Sakuragi Hanamichi gives in his all whether it be on the field or off field.

Although he also makes fun of other players but that doesn’t affect his game.  An interesting thing about Sakuragi is that he used to think of basketball players as losers. There’s a very specific reason behind it. He was unpopular and rude, he had no luck with girls too. Fifty girls he approached to turned his proposals down because they loved some basketball player. He thus decided that basketball players were losers. 

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