Samantha Rotunda Biography, Age, Family Life, Bray Wyatt

Samantha Rotunda is a well-known personality among the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) fans. Rotunda Windham is the ex-wife of Lawrence Rotunda, better known as Bray Wyatt. Bray is a professional WWE wrestler.

Samantha Rotunda Bio

Samantha Rotunda is not a famous celeb in her own right. She is the ex-wife of Bray Wyatt, the mega name of WWE and that is the main reason for her fame. Many say that he is the main reason behind Bray’s stable career, and after their split, things didn’t go as well as they would have otherwise as many saw him feeling in The Undertaker’s shoes. Samantha was born in 1986 in Florida, United States.

Samantha is a real estate agent based in Florida. Most of her career journey and early years are very secretive in the public domain as she prefers to lead a very simple life. Samantha is an alumnus of Troy University, Alabama. Wyatt and Samantha meet at Troy University and their love affair begins. She was successful in completing her degree. However, Wyatt could not complete his degree as he wanted to earn big money at a very young age.

Samantha Rotunda Physical Stats

Samantha Rotunda Height is a beautiful lady who is over five feet tall. He weighs around 55 kg and mostly stays at this level. Samantha Rotunda age is 34 years. Samantha’s physique is also out of this world. 34-26-35 His body measurements are given.

Samantha Rotunda Family

Samantha Rotunda Cust Krieger and Patricia Krieger. This saw her growing up in El Paso, Texas and Highland Falls. It helped me to lead a good life. She grew up without any siblings, which has been confirmed to our team. He said, “I am the only child of my parents and hence I do not have any siblings.” Samantha is very attached to her parents and tells us that her father means a lot to her.

Samantha Rotunda Early Life

Samantha Rotunda was born in a working-class family. Hence, she has to work all her way to become something. When she was young, her love to become a dancer was immense. Hence, she did join the dance class at the age of 7 but after two years, she did find that dancing is not for her to make a career. Hence, she did not try to learn any new skills. Samantha liked to play with her friends and it did help her to kind not to feel alone that she does not have a sibling. She said: “My childhood was very good and I miss those days.”

Reason Behind Taking Divorce

Samantha Rotunda and Bray Wyatt’s marriage was going well. Wyatt started to grow his WWE profile. In just two to three years, he became too famous among WWE fans around the world. He was the leader of The Wyatt Family, which terrified many WWE superstars from 2012 to 2014. In between these two years, Wyatt gained huge respect in the WWE locker-room. In the 2014-15 WWE season, he played a prominent role at Wrestle Mania 31. Wyatt was making his profile bigger and better. However, in 2017, Samantha got to know about Wyatt’s affair with JoJo Offerman, the WWE ring announcer.

In the same year, she filed for divorce against Wyatt. Initially, the famous WWE star denied Samantha Rotunda’s allegation. It was looking as Wyatt is speaking the truth first. Thus, the WWE fans hoped and wished to see the pair coming together again. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the reality.

Samantha’s lawyer presented some evidence that completely made it clear that Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offerman were enjoying a sound relationship. Samantha demanded $15,000 per month to have ample financial backing post her divorce. Last year in March, Rotunda and Offerman made the news of their first child public. They had a beautiful son. His name is Knash, who was born on 18 May 2019. Braun Strowman¸ who was an important part of Wyatt’s journey at the beginning, got a huge responsibility and became the godfather of Knash. In May 2020, they had their second child. Bray Wyatt and JoJo Offer man named their daughter – Hyrie.

Samantha Rotunda Children

Samantha Rotunda is the mother of two beautiful and engaging young girls, Kendyl and Caidyn. Kendall was born in 2011 and joined the Caidin family two years later. Both the girls live with their mother in Florida, USA. So some with their ex-husband and both have no problem with it.

Samantha Rotunda

Samantha Rotunda Social Media Presence

Her social media profile is slowly growing. Mostly on her social media accounts, you can see Samantha sharing some deals of houses ready for sale. Samantha Rotunda’s Facebook account is private. Only her close friends can see her family life on Facebook. Her net worth as of 2020 is USD 800. But she is not keen on getting fame as much as other wags do as it does open another way for them to earn money. “I do think that it is good to stay away from social media as it does give the look where one can get less negative thoughts,” she said.

Samantha Rotunda Boyfriend

Samantha Rotunda has moved on from her past in a classical manner. As per many reporters, she is dating a handsome man named ‘Dan Pixley’. Pixley is a landscape labourer, it is written on his Instagram bio. Back in June 2019, Samantha wished Wyatt and Pixley a happy Father’s Day. On 20 June, the world celebrates Father’s Day to show another implacable relationship in this brick-and-mortar world. His Insta user name is danpix54. However, the account is private. Only his close friends can see his life on social media. Samantha and Pixley love to not make their lives public.

Samantha Rotunda Net Worth

Rotunda has a net worth of USD half a million as of 2023. She did get 300k from her husband when they parted ways. Rest she has collected herself. It has helped her to make an impact. She has one Mercedes E class which she likes the most. Her love for doing charity is a lot. At her level, she does help two NGOs in the US. Other than that, Samantha owns 10 luxury bags and 7 footwear and she is not too obsessed with bag collections like other wags or ex-wags. She is more connected with nature and simple living.

Her Ex Bray Wyatt – Recent Achievements

Bray Wyatt’s ongoing persona in WWE has created a huge buzz around the world. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt is a two-personality character made by the smart brains behind WWE. After the end of The Wyatt Family, his profile didn’t look as cool as a cucumber.

He was often losing games even against very average wrestlers and was also playing a role to help some of the upcoming stars to build their careers on his shoulders, as beating him once was still a very big thing to do in the magnificent world of WWE. “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt persona has taken his life to a different level. On Smack Down, you can see him classically showing his acting skills on a regular basis. This charterer was made in 2019. Many WWE pundits see Bray Wyatt as the best replacement for The Undertaker, whose days are mostly overdue to his old age. Filling the boots of a star like The Undertaker is something hard.

If we look at the current market of Bray Wyatt, it seems very hard to fill the boots of a legend. Despite having this big pressure, he is still doing a great job. The kids like his baby-faced persona. However, in 2023, many fans do feel he has not taken the step forward as others would have done.

Samantha Rotunda Hobbies

  • Samantha Rotunda’s hobbies are dancing, singing, and reading books.
  • She is a huge cat and dog lover.
  • She does like red and pink color.
  • Samantha does like to watch the latest movies and series from Hollywood.
  • She can speak just one language and that is English.
  • Samantha does like eating American and Arabian food.
  • Samantha owns one Mercedes E class.
  • She does like to swim a lot.
  • Samantha has managed to read 30-plus books in her life.
  • Samantha does not like to make tattoos.
  • She does not smoke.
  • Samantha does like to drink white wine.
  • She does like to read fictional books.


Samantha Rotunda and Bray Wyatt had a great time together before 2017. However, in this modern world, we can’t almost expect to see the couple leaving a sound relationship until the very end. Both are happy with their next chapter, which is also looking very well from every single corner as of now. She is happy in her new life and has seen a new chapter that is working very well for her. It did hurt her back then but with the help of her parents, she has managed to make a decent impact. It is what creates the best look for her life.


Q Who is Samantha Rotunda?

Samantha Rotunda is the ex-wife WWE superstar Bray Wyatt.

Q Is Bray Wyatt still married Samantha Rotunda?

Samantha Rotunda parted ways with Bray Wyatt in 2017.

Q Why did the Wyatt family break up?

Wyatt’s family did break because WWE wanted a new storyline.

Q Who are Bray Wyatt children?

Knash Sixx Rotunda, Kendyl Rotunda, Hyrie Von Rotunda and Cadyn Rotunda are the children of Bray Wyatt.

Q When did Samantha Rotunda married Bray Wyatt?

Bray Wyatt married Samantha Rotunda in 2012 and they did part ways in 2017.

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