Sample Paper Test of Class XII for 2021-22

The Covid Crisis has plunged the year 2020-21 into disarray. It has been a long and difficult road for both students and teachers. The shift from offline to totally online mode has become the “new normal.” Many students preparing for CBSE board examinations have had a rough year because there have been no significant tests in nearly a year, and there have been persistent questions about the CBSE evaluation pattern 2021.

The updated syllabus for the Class X and XII Board examinations for the 2022 exams was recently released by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The new assessment scheme has been designed in such a way that it does not interfere with the students’ learning. The new evaluation process is adaptable and flexible enough to modify if necessary.  

The syllabus has been divided into two equal halves over the two terms, with each term accounting for approximately half of the total.  Students should prepare for the Term 1 and 2 Board Exams 2021-22 using the revised CBSE Term-wise Syllabus for Class 10 and 12.

This blog will provide you with cbse sample paper for class 12  from previous years, so that you can get an idea about what kind of questions are generally asked in the CBSE Board.

English Core SQP-
English Elective SQP-
Chemistry SQP-
Economics SQP-
Physical EducationSQP-
Accountancy SQP-
Business Studies SQP-
Informatics PracticeSQP-
Geography SQP-
History SQP-
Political ScienceSQP-
Sociology SQP-
Computer Science SQP-
Arabic SQP-
Assamese SQP-
Bengali SQP-
Bhutia SQP-
Biotechnology SQP-
Bodo SOP-
Carnatic Melodic SOP-
Carnatic Percussion SOP-
Carnatic VocalSQP-
Commercial Art SQP-
Dance ManipuriSQP-
Engineering Graphics SQP-
Entrepreneurship  SQP-
French  SQP-
Gujarati  SQP-
Hindustani Music (Melodic)  SQP-
Hindustani Music (Percussion)  SQP-
Hindustani Music (Vocal)  SQP-
Home Science SQP-
Japanese SQP-
Kashmiri SQP-
Kathak  SQP-
Kathakali SQP-
Kuchipudi SQP-
Legal Studies SOP-
Sculpture SOP-
Psychology SOP-
Sanskrit Core SOP-
Sanskrit Elective SQP-
Telangana TeluguSQP-
Telugu SQP-
Urdu Core SQP-
Urdu Elective SQP-

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Solving sample papers assists students in increasing their question-solving accuracy since the more you practise when solving sample papers, the fewer mistakes you will make during the actual test owing to the awareness of mistakes made while attempting the questions in sample papers. Students cover every topic and question multiple times while solving sample papers, which helps them in understanding the approach that should be used for solving the question during the exams and, as a result, it improves their speed, allowing them to finish their exam on time, check for any mistakes during the board examination.