Should You Build an Extension or Sell Your Home?

When the financial situation at your home is not what it should be, selling it might be the only viable solution to all your problems. Selling a home is not easy though, and you will have to go through rigorous processes to finalize the deal. One of the decisions you will have to make when it’s time to sell your home is whether you are going to build an extension or not.

Here are the pros and cons of both solutions. Let’s find out which one you should consider.

Identify the Reasons for Selling Your House

If you’re trying to decide whether to build an extension or sell your house, there are many reasons to sell your home Selling your house may provide the capital you need for adding an extension, but you’ll need to find a new place to live.

The reasons for selling your house could be financial issues, a change in family size or circumstances, or a need for a larger space. You’ll also want to make sure you’re aware of the market and how much you can sell your home for.

If you do decide to sell, it’s important to get the house in tip-top condition and make sure it looks great for potential buyers. You must also know more about home selling process to help you find a high-paying homebuyer.

The Benefits of Extending Your Home

Weighing up the opportunity cost to determine what is best for your circumstances is important and can depend on a range of factors. There can be a host of benefits of building an extension.

When you take this option, you can ensure you don’t have to move from the area you may have grown attached to. Moreover, this option can provide more family space for everyone by increasing the capacity of your home.

Adding an extension to your home can also increase its market value and can add much-needed storage solutions, home office space, and entertaining areas. Building the extension can also add to your portfolio of skills, increasing your professional and personal experiences. 

Evaluate the Cost of Extension vs. Selling

When evaluating the cost of extending or selling a home, the most important thing to consider is the availability of the finances. Building an extension may cost more initially, but it could add value to the property if done well.

As an alternative to selling the property, it might be wise to consider renting it out or having a lodger. This could bring in extra income to either pay for the extension or add to other savings.

On the other hand, it may be more cost-effective in the long run to sell your house and move to somewhere that better suits a person’s needs. It’s essential to do research in the local area to understand what similar houses are selling for and to compare the cost of an extension versus the potential value of a sale.

Are You More Ready to Build an Extension or Sell the Home?

It is ultimately up to you to decide what the best option is for your situation. Do you want the cost and effort involved if you choose to build an extension, or are you looking to move and upgrade to a new home?

Think about the positives and negatives and make an informed decision. Take the time to consider your options, so you make the best choice.

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