Should You Go to the ER After a Car Accident?

Car accidents are usually devastating and cause injuries. The adrenaline rush and conflicting emotions may cloud your judgment. If you leave unscathed, seeking urgent medical care may not seem necessary. However, to ensure you are in perfect health, visiting a Houston, TX emergency room can help. Urgent care is essential to diagnose internal injuries and receive proper treatment to expedite recovery.

When to Visit the ER

The best time to visit the emergency room after an auto accident is when it occurs. Some accidents cause bleeding, while others result in minor bruises. Whether it’s a fender bender or a head-on collision, a bruise, or a deep cut, visit the ER. Some injuries may be invisible to you, such as soft tissue damage. A visit to the ER provides an exhaustive evaluation and proper diagnosis of all auto-related injuries sustained. Also, when you go to the ER, you form a solid foundation for a faster recovery.

The second-best time to visit the ER is when you develop localized pain or limited joint mobility. Injuries such as whiplash, where your neck is forcefully flung forward and backward, do not manifest immediately. Adrenaline masks the symptoms of injuries associated with car accidents, such as mild traumatic brain injuries and concussions. If you notice dizziness, unexplainable fatigue, pain in your body, or swollen spots after an auto accident, you need to check into an emergency room.

What to Do When You Can’t Visit the ER

Some accidents may immobilize you. In such a case, call ER providers near you or a local police station. Usually, the fast responders will whisk you to the emergency room in an ambulance while providing first-line treatment. If you are in a remote area, ask a passerby or a fellow motorist to drive you to the nearest medical center that caters to urgent car accident injuries.

Benefits of Going to the ER

Emergency rooms are well-equipped with triage nurses, doctors, and medical staff to handle emergencies. Checking into the ER after a car accident confers legal and health merits.

Doctors Can Save Your Limbs

If you are involved in a life-threatening car accident that has fractured or significantly damaged your limb, it is essential to visit the ER. Emergency room experts will help protect your limb using available treatment methods and adjunct therapies. If you wait a little longer, the probability of saving your limb becomes limited.

Jumpstarting Your Recovery

ER visits ensure you start your treatment and recovery right away. When you visit a reputable center, they will perform X-ray scans and other specific imaging tests, among other cognitive and physical examinations, to determine the extent of the injury, if any.

The quicker you recover, the faster you will return to work and resume your normal life. Also, getting treatment in the initial stages of your injury means you may pay less for treatment.

Faster Medical Attention Could Help Your Claim

Some insurance companies dissect your case for any loopholes in due course. An aspect they look at is when you seek medical attention. Immediately after you check into an emergency room, they start documenting everything that will help you in your claim.

ER visits aid in the early detection and treatment of injuries after a car accident. Always have a reliable ER center on speed dial. Your first call should be to an ER center after a car accident, regardless if it’s a fender bender or a rear-ender.