Sliding Plantation Shutters

Thinking about plantation shutters in your home? Plantation shutters are one of the best window treatments on the market. They are the finishing touch to any home. Although Plantation Shutters Melbourne can be more expensive than other products on the market, we think that the benefits far out way the price tag.

When it comes to shutters there are many options in styles, colors and also materials. Plantation Shutters can also cover many window applications such as windows, bay windows, and sliding patio doors. One of the most asked questions and concerns are what do we put on our patio doors. Sliding plantation shutters are a great fit and can set off any room with patio doors. This is great for someone who wants to get rid of those verticals that keep breaking. Wood and many other blinds in miami complement the lines of any room. Fashioned to create a warm and inviting home, they’re available in a variety of colors and three slat sizes.

Sliding plantation shutters have many styles that you can choose from. Including the louver size, tilt bar, and usually colors depending on. The material, the louver size allows for more view with a bigger louver and less light for smaller options. The tilt bar can either be placed down the front or the backside. There is even an option for an invisible tilt bar. And with a wood or composite shutter you can have the option to get different colors. However most people go with white shutters to brighten the room and give an appearance of a larger area.

When designing shutters for your sliding patio doors it’s recommended to keep the shutter panels aligned with the sliding door panels to give a more clean and professional look. Panels can usually be made up to 36 inches give or take so remember that when you are designing your panel configuration. Most shutter companies offer a two-track or a three-track. Which is an option for how the shutters will stack up when you want them opened? When installing shutter on patio doors you do lose some window space depending on your track size.

If you are wondering if they fit your budget is ready to pay at least $25-35 per square foot. When going this route you are installing a lifetime feature. Sliding shutters are very sturdy and reliable and usually come with a lifetime guarantee. Unlike cheaper options these will hold up and also give you way more benefits than an average window treatment.

There are so many benefits to consider when buying a plantation shutter, the first being energy efficiency. Shutters will usually cut down about 30-50 % more heat than other treatments while also giving you the ability to adjust the amount of light in the room. The second benefit of a plantation shutter is home value. This upgrade will give you the upper hand if you find yourself reselling the home in the future. The third benefit is privacy. Plantation shutters give the most privacy out of any other window treatment on the market. Allowing for a complete blackout for extra privacy. So if you are thinking of changing your window treatment there are many options and benefits to consider, but if you ask us, plantation shutters are the way to go.

If you need help picking out the right style for your home, head over to for the best selection in the Orlando Florida area.